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Complete NFL Uniform Redo - (29/1 - Titans,Texans,Colts Updated, Jags Added)


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Jacksonville Jaguars

It'll be interesting to see the response to this one. I won't ever come close to GotPixels' LA Jags, but I hope it's at least kind of liked...lol...

- incorporated the darker helmet colour into the uniform

- in the darker parts there is the Jaguar fur pattern, and the idea is that it's like the colour changing feathers on the Ducks uni's

- the side of the jersey in theory would match up with the pantstripe

- colour changing fur pattern is also on the helmet

- logo on the helmet has the black taken out to show the helmet through..


You should update these but in all black and with the new logo!

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I love that Titans jersey! Also really like the inclusion of the Texas flag into the Texans unis. The flames on the Titans pants & helmet kill the strength of the design though. Perhaps find a way to bring elements of the shoulder design to the pant stripes.

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i think everything looks pretty good. im impressed with your thinking and original approach to the uniform designs, which dosent show up enough in these kinds of threads. i do like to think i started that whole "flames on the Titans helmet" thing though ;)




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Guest darkpiranha

Hey! Keep these coming. Kudos on ignoring all the "The design X team has now is fine, and doesn't need to be modified" whining. These are super fun and innovative. More please.

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These concepts are amazing, I believe every team in the NFL needs a uniform overhaul except for the Seahawks, these are innovative, creative and exactly how NFL uniforms should look instead of being so bland.

Looking forward to seeing more Concepts, these are good enough to actually end up being NFL teams new Uniforms.

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Colts- I love the helmet but maybe dial back a little on the uniforms. the helmet is obviously based on an old throwback they wore once in 09 or 10 against the Eagles so maybe the uniforms should be a little more throwback-ish also. Titans-perfection Texans- pretty good Jags- love it but maybe go with they're new helmet


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