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OSM61's Hockey Thread - Sabres Alt. Guess (8/16/13)


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Brooklyn Islanders:



any C&C on these or any of the previous concepts?

Hey all,

I figured since I am starting to get more time to do concepts now, I would just start a new thread and post them all in here instead of cluttering up the boards with multiple topics.

I have a good amount of concepts to post, so I'll start with these few.

For HJC's untouchables contest, here is my Chicago Blackhawks concept I will be submitting:

Chicago Blackhawks



And....a 2015 Winter Classic concept! Now, Columbus was snubbed of an All Star Game this season, and it is unknown if/when the city will be rewarded another midseason classic. But to make up for it, they will also get the Winter Classic to be played at the Horseshoe (Ohio Stadium)!

Columbus Blue Jackets vs Boston Bruins



If you missed my latest concept/project I worked on, here is my redesign of the Columbus Blue Jackets. (link to the thread).

Columbus Blue Jackets




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Nice work ohio.

The brown on the Bruins set could maybe be a little blacker-brown.

I like your Columbus concepts, but I wonder if some are a little too similar to the Rangers.

Your Chicago ones are sweet. (The letters could be a tad bigger IMO).

I wonder why, for marketing purposes, all teams DON'T have an alt that actually shows the city's name on the front, as you have done with Columbus and Chicago.

Think of all the non-hockey fans in Chicago for example, who might want something that just says "Chicago" on it.

How about tourists who are looking for a souvenir with the name of the city they're visiting?

It just makes good marketing sense to me.

Again, nice work.

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Here are a few predictions as to what new uniforms we will see come October for next season

Wild: pretty obvious, I feel they will most likely go with this design (or some variation of it)


Buffalo: They are slated to unveil a new third jersey, but it will be a completely new design that we have never seen before


Dallas: This is a pretty out of the blue prediction. I don't think anyone really has any idea what they will unveil in June.



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Islanders is the first one i don't like. Don't like any bland black and gray color scheme (Raiders as an exception, obviously). Also, if the logo says NY, why does the script say Brooklyn?

That will be an awesome Winter Classic at the horseshoe!


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I don't like the idea of NY Islanders being called Brooklyn. I also don't like the black, white, grey schemes on any team. (Raiders may be an exception because of its history, Spurs are debatable too). Either Islanders or Oilers need to go to a darker Blue. I really like the Columbus, they head logo should be on the white jerseys.

As for Dallas, I had a dream about how their rebranding will come out as, so I made it. I really hope they decide to keep it simple. Green and White. Little gold here and there, but keep it Green and White. It looks like no other team which is what we need.



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I love the idea for the Islanders, but I think you should leave the name as New York. Brooklyn works for me, but It rolls off the tongue a bit better. Remove the shadow from the numbers and maybe give an update to the logo but still keeping the stripes on the stick and the island in the background (Not trying to be picky or needy, but with them moving, its about time or an update). Uni's look amazing. I also really like the new Blue Jackets logo you made. Not so much for the Stars (looks too 90's). Maybe base the look off the Cowboys and remove the black entirely. Love the work you've done so far!

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New post today:

For this CBJ concept, I wanted to keep it simple. I feel that they did a great job with the original third jersey, and that the organization should have just kept the same template for the home and road once the RBK edge design was implemented.

C&C always appreciated



-Also, I am working on some Hurricanes and Dallas predictions, so I'll post them when they are finished.

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