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Fallen's NHL Concepts - Toronto ft. Vertical Sleeve Stripes Attempt II


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Your pictures aren't showing up for some reason. :(

Also, numbers really aren't that bad with paint.net. Just arrange the letters/numbers from the fontguide you are using (or if you are using just MS word fonts, just type it out, screen shoot, and recolor), resize it to fit in with the rest of the uni (make sure to make separate numbers for the TV numbers), and add them as a new layer. I'm not very good at explaining, but I hope it helps at least a little bit

Oh no, I'll try and reupload it to this post


Also, thanks for the numbers tip, I'll try that next.

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IMO, the penguins one seems like there is too may stripes. It just doesn't look right...other than that, both of them are fine.

I was thinking about getting rid of 2 of the Yellow and 2 of the Gold stripes, do you think that would look better. Also, Islanders Concepts, now with #'s, still haven't decided which striping pattern is better


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All of your logos are too big. Try sizing them down.

And the Ducks' patch on the purple jersey doesn't pop at all. Maybe make it green?

I like the Pens, but the gold lettering on the logo doesn't match the gold on the rest of it all.


I will try that

It's the exact same color RGB-wise as the stripes in between the yellow ones, and the outline of the number

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Don't. Just... don't. Cross overs are beyond stupid. I mean, for example, it wasn't enough that the Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati Reds, and Chicago Cubs used the arrow head C thingy for a logo, but then the Chicago Bears took it. Crossing things over is just annoying.

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I've always like that template for the Stars but I'm not feeling that concept. Perhaps you could try using the current identity and come up with something a little different but close. I'm not sure if you're taking too much time with your concepts but maybe try thinking of some nice new ideas that would work or tweaks in good taste. Keep it up though, the quality of these are good to say the least.

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