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All 32 NFL Teams Redesigned by Mr. Design Junkie


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1. Acquire template

2. Acquire team logos from Google

3. Paste logos onto template

4. Fill areas with paint bucket

5. Draw assorted shapes as necessary

6. Disregard existence of fonts, place a number anywhere on jersey

7. Repeat 31x

Seriously, no.

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Well, that would be a new design direction for the league. I assume he isn't seriously suggesting the teams should wear these. He couldn't be. Can he?

For some reason the thing that really made me laugh is the gigantic numbers on some of the uniforms. They completely fill the jerseys and are all single-digit numbers. Number 88 would wrap completely around the uniforms.


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Guest darkpiranha

If you click on his link, it seems he actually has had many of these (and lots and lots of similar ones based on college teams) produced for little league teams. Lots of photos of kids wearing these unis.

I'm always in favor of out-of-the-box thinking on designs, but even I have to shudder a little bit at some of these. It's like a truck filled with logos and a truck filled with uniforms collided head on at 100 mph. These designs are the casualties.

That said, they're still fascinating to look at. I kind of like the Raiders one, where the sword is tucked into the pants.

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I love how the Bears completely omits the number in favor of a giant B. Absurd.

I'm going to try and list some positives here...

1. I like the two-toned green for the Jets.

2. There is some promise to the Dolphins jersey, if the main elements were incorporated into a helmet design.

3. I wouldn't mind seeing the Steelers logo incorporated into the pants, in a similar, but better executed fashion.

4. The Rams set is probably the best of the bunch.

5. The tucked sword is kind of clever.

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