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Houston Rockets Concept


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Last week or so I dropped a Rays concept y'all seemed to like so this week I'd like to post a new set. It's rebranding time for the Houston Rockets! First up the new Primary Logo


The main goal here was to put a physical rocket in the logo with the fuselages making an H. The colors are lifted from the classic 1972-1995 Rockets logo and the circle background is a nod to that logo.

New partial logo


New Jersey Wordmarks


Tell me what you think!

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It's strange to see the shadows on the wordmarks to the left of the letters, IMO. Also, the middle looks too much like a pyramid; maybe adjust its size or connecting angle? Not sure what it'll look like; just throwing ideas out there. REALLY glad you kept the red and gold and kept away from blue, black and silver. I also wonder how it'd look if you rotated the ball on the background. Fine work overall.

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Try extending the red outline around the yellow H to make it pop a little more. I feel like the transition from the red outline to the white of the rocket makes it a little hard to look at. Other than that its stunning. The basketball was a big upgrade.

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I love the idea, just not sure it looks so much like an actual rocket yet. It just looks like clip art to me right now. Not sure the italic script fits it either.

I do hope more Rockets rebrands start coming out as they are primed to make a change here soon with many of the Rockets players and staff openly preferring anything over their primary jerseys(could just be the wide shoulder cut of the jerseys they hate and not the actual style). Also an insider on a Rockets forum says that the management has heard the call for a change and it is currently being discussed. Hopefully not the alternates. I hate the alternates. Yellow/Gold should only be an accent, not used so heavily as the alternates do.

As a lifelong and diehard Rockets fan, i am SO torn. Would i love a change back to classic and simple look of the back to back championship days that i grew up with? Of course. But, i also wouldn't mind something very modern and futuristic as space and rockets signify the way forward/ new pioneers imo. The opportunity to use a retro look for an alt. jersey will always be there.

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After a round of exams I'm back! I got a bit nervous when y'all started asking about unis since I haven't done that before but here's my updates!

First a new alt logo to better show the basketball, red outlining on the H and a little more consistent red bordering


And now the home whites


Followed by their road red inverses


I'm feeling solid on the logos so I'm not gonna tweak 'em much more but what are we thinking about the unis?

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  • 3 months later...

Back logo should be smaller and the NOB should be curved.

The words numbers on the jerseys should have a yellow outline. Would pop out more instead of plain white name and number

Other than that not bad very original. .sry 4 double post. Android phone problems

both of these plus move everything up, when the jersey is tucked in half of the numbers would be tucked in too.

and fix the NBA logo on the roads

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