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State Wordmark Logos


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I think that Utah's would look great on a basketball or baseball jersey.



I was about to post that myself... I never knew that the Utah wordmark was based off the Utah wordmark ... or is that the other way around? Either way, cool!

That (awful) Jazz wordmark and the (terrific) state workmark are entirely unrelated, designed by different firms at different times, without mind for one another...they aren't even the same font for godsakes.

That aside, everyone knows the superior Utah tourism logo is the one that features the state/U logo.

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Took me about 10 seconds to figure out the white scribble is 'nh' fantastic design and unique colors.


Also, I wouldn't put this in first, I don't even think this would crack the top 10, maybe even 20.

Yeah, looks like it was drawn in Crayon, which is really bad.

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I swear that's not NC's. It's a blue serifed font that looks much better. But I just can't find it for some reason.



Yes, that's the one. Far better than what is shown in the collective graphic.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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