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Impact Arena Football - Board Game - 24th July - Work Resuming


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Phoenix Firebirds

Conference: South

Division: Central

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Stadium: US Airways Center

Notable Players: Jake Andrews (QB), Darrius Clay (LB), Phoenix Storm (DT), Tama Mo'ana (DB)

Notes: It'll be interesting to see the reactions to these ones. The helmet is one of my favourite parts, the flames (and facemask) would be high gloss and the darker red (which does have a gradient, thats not just shading) would be matte. I'm also fond of my solution for the shoulders. I was trying to find some combination of using the wing from the logo as well as having the logo on the shoulder. So instead I killed 2 birds with one stone. One thing I wasn't sure about was the away jersey, I couldn't decide between white or yellow. In the end I went with white.


So, thoughts?

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Helmet is beautiful, jersey there same, pants... Eehhh not so much. Maybe a gradient pant stripe would work better.

Austin, like they rest of the series, is fantastic. Great work

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Also, I think I just now noticed the collar logo that's on all these uniforms. I'm guessing that's the logo for your league, but did we get any full-size view of that?

Indeed it is, but there hasn't been a full view yet as I was never really super happy with it and as such I'm in the process of redoing it entirely


As for the pants I thought the gradient might have been a bit of a stretch...lol....I'll take a look at them....

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An incredible coincidence.

if you're trying to insinuate that I stole HVF's logo or copied the idea then you can stop, because there's nothing there. Unless we both stole the idea from Trans Am , SHIELD , the United States or 100's of other bird based logos. As I said I had not seen HVF's Firebirds concept until you linked to it.

I have no intention of discussing this further in this thread, mainly because there's nothing to discuss but also because I don't want the clutter. You are welcome to contact me about it privately if you continue to have an issue with it.


In other (on topic) news, I might have some pictures of the board and a few cards up later today.

EDIT: Just went back to the Firebirds pants and changed the gradient to just be in the pant stripe.



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Sorry, not suggesting anything. Just thought it was a coincidence.

Not a problem...just caught me in the tail end of a bad mood....no harm done...

I do not think they are that similar but I actually like the first one better.

I really like your work been quietly admiring it.

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@HVF - thanks HVF, I had a look back through all your MLF stuff too and liked what I saw.

@JMtexan09 - i like that idea...


right...another logo...this time it's for the San Diego Armada. Initially I was trying to do something battleship themed, but everything I tried went a bit wrong. So in the end I went a little nautical, and added a skull for good measure, and I think it's turned out to be one of my favourites that I've done.



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