A Few NFL Concepts (Hand Drawn)(Houston posted 11/7)

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Hey guys, time for another update. First off, I made an alteration to the Patriots helmet:


After the Pat Patriot alternate sketch, I liked the idea of the stripes so I added them to the primary helmet. 


But thats not the only thing, I’ve also finished the next team, the...


Houston Texans




Texas. The whole uniform is designed with the Texas flag in mind. They’re called the Texans, might as well embrace it. 



Navy base with the current logo on the sides. a single stripe down the center, but at the middle it’s split in half. One half is red, one half is white, like the flag. 



Same three colors as they currently have, only the red and navy switch designations. Dallas is the blue team in Texas, so in my world, Houston would embrace being the red team in Texas. As for the design of the jerseys, the right sleeve cap is navy, and the left cap is white. Each sleeve cap has the horn from the logo on it, white on the blue, red on the white. The coloring of the sleeve design is made to be similar to the state flag. 



All three colors. Down the right leg, a navy blue stripe with a star in the middle. The left leg stripe is split in half, with the top being white and the bottom red. 



The primary home is the red jersey with white pants, but blue pants are a combination I would like to see as well. On the road, red pants are worn with the white jerseys primarily. The blue jerseys would typically be worn with white pants. 





So what do y’all think? Any changes you’d make? Let me know!


Also: a little self promotion. I recently started a Twitter account to post drawings I do and that stuff. I haven’t made any posts yet, but that’s because I haven’t gotten the word about it out yet. Once I get a few followers, I’ll be posting pictures that go in this thread, as well as other drawings. Please, if you’re interested, CLICK HERE and follow. If not, I can’t make you. 


Anyway, thanks for looking. 

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I really like the design for the Texans, although I dont know if the two toned sleeves work on the Navy. The Pants and helmet are wonderful. Everytime I see something posted in here its almost like Christmas

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