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  2. Nah. They’re Memphis’ team now, with more success than they’ve ever had in Vancouver. Express is a terrible name.
  3. People who visit a website dedicated to sports logos and uniforms? After seeing the Eskimos pics, I'm glad they have the stripes going all the way down. It also seems like the shoulder stripes have moved down the sleeve. They're now closer to the 2005-2011 uniforms, minus the piping and TV numbers.
  4. Note the timestamp - March 30, 2017 - so things may have changed since, but Pochettino is on record as saying:
  5. Welp. Sounds like I checked in at the wrong time. I see that this concepts section of the boards is being shut down. Honestly, I really don't blame the mods. They know best. If this section is causing too much trouble, it's just not worth it. But please allow me to say thank you so much to all of the readers and followers who stay updated with this and my Solar League Baseball thread. (The reason why i posted in here because my Solar thread was locked). I'm sorry to see this happen, but it's just for the best. I saw that someone made a new forum exclusively for "sport histories." I'll have to check that out. Again, thank you to everybody! All the very best, Dylan (RR99)
  6. I totally overlooked the small section in the California Bay Area and Manitoba being Bruins colored. Clears it up I guess.
  7. I don't think anyone thinks it's stealing. It just for whatever reason the NHL team ownership said they wanted to stay away from the Sonics' colors. It's their choice not the fans/city if that makes sense.
  8. I am merely a messenger for the true prophet, Drake.
  9. Who he used to play or coach for shouldn't preclude him from a job. Mark Hughes is a United legend but still coached at City and Blackburn Rovers.
  10. More pics:
  11. No red and black, in any form. That's a really overused color scheme, especially in this league.
  12. Hey guys, just letting you all know the entire history of the PHL is now on the blog: The GHL is not up yet but I do have most of it archived so it shouldn't be a problem. I'll clean things up a bit later, for now it was just a matter of getting in on the blog. This will probably be my last post on this thread. Thanks again to everyone who followed the story over the last four years, you guys helped make this project a ton of fun for me. It's not over yet, lots of excitement still to come in the PHL. Now, I'm off to hopefully watch my Mooseheads win the Memorial Cup!
  13. I am worried about Giannis and the "super-max deal" though. I think he deserves it, but I'm afraid of a cycle that normally happens in these kinds of situations. Bucks give Giannis super deal ---> Bucks start to underachieve really hard ---> Bucks realize they need to either blow it up and rebuild or trade for more quality pieces ---> Bucks trade Giannis to big-market team for a bunch of "okay" players---> Bucks start to suck and later rebuild ---> Giannis wins championship for big-market team This process seems too familiar.
  14. And when Vancouver joins Seattle in their glorious returns to the NBA, the Memphis Grizzlies must drop the name and return all that history to the Vancouver Grizzlies. It is the proper thing to do. Then, Memphis can officially change their name to the Memphis Express.
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  16. If the Sonics return to the NBA, there's going to be no shortage of cities vying to be "number 32."
  17. YES YES YES a squatchee should always match the contrasting brim, not the crown.
  18. I agree. Without a hemstripe of some kind, having half the sleeves be teal looks unbalanced in my eyes.
  19. The Pride numbers are far more readable than the regular ones.
  20. Eh, don't think the Bucks' colors work too good for Seattle, either, too plain; but I think the site's red/foam green/black combo could look nice, sort of a spin on the old Metropolitans color scheme as a homage while still being unique in the league.
  21. Why? It's a valid opinion, he even admitted it was unpopular. Personally I don't mind outrageous theme identities for a stretch of games. It's the minor leagues afterall. It's when companies like brandiose completely usurp a team's identity that it becomes a problem.
  22. The Wild sadly took what I could consider the ideal Seattle NHL colour scheme. Any variation of green and blue would be very Canucks, so I don’t see that as ideal. So I would say either go with a Milwaukee Bucks-esque “Irish rainbow” scheme or go with the site’s colour scheme of red, a soft foam green, and black.
  23. I imagine part of it's still them trying to cope with having the Sonics get unceremoniously ripped away from them by owners who only bought the team to move it to OKC. Plus, I'd rather the NHL team try to forge their own branding identity and color scheme over using the colors of another team from the city. That only works when there's a real reason for all of the teams to have a unified color scheme, like Pittsburgh does.
  24. Royal/yellow/powder could be a fantastic design for Seattle. It would set them apart from the Blues and Sabres pretty effectively, especially with a light blue primary sweater.
  25. I just don't understand how anyone in Seattle could possibly consider taking green and yellow "stealing" the hypothetical new Sonics colours. It doesn't work like that, its not like the sonics aren't allowed to wear them if the NHL team is. If anything it makes more sense considering they're sharing an arena and city. Why doesn't that logic apply to taking the Seahawks, Mariners, Thunderbirds, etc colours?
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