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  2. Agreed. Still not the name of the city! Hahaha!
  3. What people call it is not relevant to what it is. I almost never hear people say "Philadelphia", yet no team actually calls themselves "Philly".
  4. I think the hexagon needs to have a different color than the primary jersey so that the bee stands out and the badge doesn't disappear into the shirt from distance. I like the first logo most of all though.
  5. Here you go, BK...I got the colours close...(they're hard for me to get spot on)... Also, Midwest...I took the bits out of the Sockeye's mouth in this post...looks better!...Thanks...
  6. I couldn't believe they let Drake put his stupid logo on their Championship hats.
  7. The numbers do help. I've been toying with the idea of a shoulder patch, too. Think it adds some interesting texture to the design. And since I've been looking at this as an update and not a redesign, trying to keep some heritage in mind, the opportunity to add some visible retro devils green is fun.
  8. “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…
  9. Scored a new adidas pair of shoes in my size at Nordstrom rack for $18, retails for around $100!
  10. At least it's not the muscle-bound penguin used by their AHL affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.
  11. Ah to be faaaii-uh, not sure, actually. (Although, I do watch plenty of NHL games and news, so I guess I hear "Vegas" more often. )
  12. To be fair, though, do you hear it called "Vegas" or "Las Vegas" more often?
  13. Re: Miami, I agree with whoever said having Tigers and Sea Tigers is unnecessarily similar, and that's the biggest complaint I have there. For Philly, I wonder how a calligraphy-style font in the style of the Declaration of Independence or Constitution would look instead of the cursive script you used? Or if you were able to use the exact "Liberty" from the constitution (this may have been what you were shooting for):
  14. For 1968, the Brawlers make some semi-radical changes to their look. OLD: NEW: C&C Welcome. BTW, I am a little stumped on coming up with logos for the conferences.
  15. Well aware of that. It was meant to be humorous. An interesting point, but abbreviations aren't more important than a city's actual name, IMO, and nobody seems to have any issues with NYR and NYI...
  16. Worst Gold Cup uniform goes to Costa Rica Bermuda(navy) vs Haiti (white) More World Cup matchups Korea vs Norway Canada vs New Zealand Netherlands vs Cameroon France's best home look Germany vs South Africa
  17. I think the hexagon makes a sharp crest.
  18. Saw this guy for $20 in a Ross in DC. I passed since it wasn't my size, and there was some serious advertisement overload on it. Still thought it was an interesting find
  19. Today
  20. At least the Raptors didn’t win in the OVO alternates. Now that would have been a Cavs sleeves level tragedy, they look much better but, again, blatant advertisement
  21. Seattle Dreamliners
  22. I like both of those. As much as I like the tail flag, it looks too much like an American Airlines' tail for my liking: I thought about this but the red is jarring. I wonder if it'd look better if the red and navy blue were reversed?
  23. The football and basketball rule was already in place around the time frame you mentioned. Besides Georgetown moving up, a lot of mid-majors moved up then too (e.g., Butler, Dayton, Drake). The second round dealt with other sports, like hockey and lacrosse (though I'm sure there are other examples). I can't recall whether they just allowed grandfathered schools to continue in D-1 or continued allowing schools to play up in sports other than football and basketball. I just know that JHU is still D-1 in lacrosse only (men's and women's) and that there are still a lot of schools that are still D-1 in hockey only.
  24. So not REALLY a thrift store gem, but.... My co-worker walks in with a box of stuff saying 'Paul will know if there is anything good in here'. He's got a box of old Packer programs from the early 70s. Nothing great. Then ... this! That's the Packers at Cowboys NFL Title game (on the left) before Super Bowl II (on the right). Damn!
  25. That first one reminds me of a neon sign in Vegas or Atlantic City. I think that better looking logo being attached to bad uniforms hurts it too.
  26. This is one that when it was first announced I thought for sure it was an upgrade, no questions about it. Since then, more in the past couple of months really, I’ve started to grow more fond of the older logo. There’s something about the darker red and rougher edges that just seems more... pirate-y(?) to me. I could honestly live with either, though I’d have to give the edge to the previous version
  27. @SFGiants58...Thanks for the nudge...(I forget the stuff that I've posted sometimes)... But yes, in 2013, I did a Johnny Canuck Special Edition concept. I like the J.C. lumberjack idea, so I put a plaid shirt on Johnny, and drew up a "Plaid-Cut" sweater to match. I tried to suggest plaid by using the fewest lines possible, over-lapping traditional seams and using 2 shades of green and blue. (Forgive my blue's looking a bit purple-y)...I think it'd make an interesting fan sweater...
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