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  2. It's as if the Hartford Whalers returned and had their new logo designed by the people who did the current, updated Jets logo.
  3. You don't like the OKC terrorism memorial jersey? That one is weird!!
  4. New England is going 19-0 aren't they?
  5. Where do I begin? Aztecs passing up opportunities to join Pac-12 in the 90s. Bolts losing to SF in Super Bowl XXIX. Pads getting swept by the Yanks in 98. XFL 1.0 folding. Gwynn's retirement. NHL 2005 Lockout wiping out a whole season. Bonds tying Aaron's HR record at Petco Park. Pads firing Bochy. Bolts losing to NE in the 2006 playoffs after posting a 14-2 record. Bolts hiring Norv Turner the following offseason. NFL Europe folding in 2007. Arena League taking 2009 off. Bolts moving away two years ago. AAF folding with two weeks left.
  6. But is their whining all that noticeable? I think Naimoli’s $3.5 billion lawsuit and the constant blue-balling of the Tampa Bay Area (especially after the Giants nearly moved there) had a lot more to do with it than Angelos. Also, Arizona could get a modern stadium built while the DC groups were struggling to come up with a stadium plan (e.g., a couple of Northern Virginia and Dulles-adjacent designs - ever heard of the Virginia Fury?). A DC expansion group had a far better chance in 1993, but their group imploded as Huizenga’s South Florida group blossomed. Like we’ve said before, the Rays scenario is far more likely than the O’s.
  7. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the anthem of the New York Jets
  8. No official information as of yet.
  9. Seeing that dumb red Yankees hat makes me want to break somethin’... (I’ll show myself out)
  10. Sometimes the Jets really make me hate watching football.
  11. Kill Miami and give us the Rowdies! It's what the people want!
  12. This is a good look.
  13. A lot of stories about the proposal seem to refer to many of their ideas about realignment as fact. Has the official report been leaked or released and if so, does anyone know where I could find it?
  14. Looks like the old field, but the numbers are painted differently, and new endzone turf,
  15. Really just thankful the Olympics didn’t fall into the absolute trash “branding” trap that ruined Super Bowl logos
  16. But nowhere near to the degree of the team has outsnatited the Snatit since at least 2015, probably even going back to 2013. I think the residue of Jeff Fisher done really screwed that organization big time.
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  18. Qbr takes running into account
  19. Ah, that’s right. Thanks for the clarification.
  20. I totally forgot about that. I was thinking of the butt fumble game when I thought about them wearing white socks with green pants
  21. That renovation plan was under the previous ownership. He ended up selling the team to the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays dealing with their own stadium issues have no interest in fielding an MLS club so if a new team comes to Tampa-St Pete it would be under a different group, Its unfortunate. I really wanted to see the Rowdies in MLS. i wanted them more over Nashville.
  22. Imagine Lakers wearing these playing against Clippers wearing their "Los Angeles" jerseys.
  23. Put your Santos mark on the right shield and you'll be pretty good to go!
  24. Pretty sure he’s given up. He’ll need to sell the club to somebody who wants to make the next push. I am far from sold on Charlotte. I think Phoenix must be considered the front-runner, with Detroit as another market that MLS wants to be in. I also see San Diego in before San Antonio. But who knows?
  25. It's refreshing to see a good NFL redesign thread, it's been a while. Keep it up!
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