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  2. Because focus groups don’t work...
  3. Every time someone says the rams home jerseys should be yellow, an infant dies.
  4. It wasn't for lack of trying, even if it never made it onto the field. I have seen the Continental League given a great deal of credit for MLB's decision to finally expand in the '60s. Most of the expansion or relocation markets of the '60s were originally supposed to be part of the CL. The Mets franchise was actually awarded to the New York CL ownership group (which effectively killed the CL).
  5. When you can, please check my last PM. It's about my request, which I posted on one of your forum topics/threads back a few months ago. Thanks in advance and sorry just in case.

  6. Just last week I found out about the existence of floorball, which is played on a court with a length ranging from 118 to 131 feet, and a width ranging from 59 to 66 feet. In this sport the goalie does not have a stick.
  7. And the Vikings redesign of '06 (*shudder*). The difference is that, for whatever reason, I don't seem to remember that many people pinning those horrible designs as directly on Reebok as we do now on Nike. I think the general feeling was those ideas seemed to be largely a product of NFL Properties. That may or may not have been true, but in the decade that they were exclusive, Reebok definitely didn't put themselves out front and center on every change the way Nike does. Now when there's a new uniform, it's debuted with Nike imagery, and Nike logos, and buckets and buckets of Nike-speak. I'm sure it's true that the teams are just as much to blame/praise for new uniforms now as they were then, but the way it's presented it doesn't always feel that way.
  8. I recently read a very good book on the Continental League called Bottom of the Ninth by Michael Shapiro. It's an odd book, ostensibly about both Branch Rickey and Casey Stengel. However, the two of them don't interact; the book looks separately at the formation of the Continental League and at the Yankees' 1960 season. The author never even makes any coherent case for why Rickey and Stengel should be considered in parallel. This book is really like two books in one cover. The half about the Continental League is far more interesting. While Stengel is indeed a fascinating character, there has been plenty written about him. Whereas, this chronicling of the attempt to launch the Continental League is the most detailed material I have ever seen on that topic. The central character in that story, apart from Rickey, is Bill Shea. And there are many scenes involving Yankee owner Del Webb, baseball Commissioner Ford Frick, A.L. President Joe Cronin, columnist Dan Daniel, and even some AFL owners, as the Continental League's Denver team was originally controlled by Broncos founder Bob Howsam.
  9. Literally nobody says that. Nike takes heat because Nike is the one currently screwing up the league. We took on Reebok when they were doing it, but now complaining about them seems misplaced. A bit late, like Ike jokes.
  10. Yeah, but we should never take press release marketing-speak very seriously.
  11. Today
  12. Apologies for the bit of delay, but moving on we have the Oakland Athletics! This set is pretty straightforward, as has been the case with many A's concepts in recent years, kelly takes the place of forest green. It looks great on their alternate jersey, and deserves some time back in the spotlight. The Northwestern sleeve stripes from the 70's are simplified a little bit to create a cleaner look that matches the line weights of the logo. Like @csura999 did with his excellent A's set, the away has a slight green tint to it. The number font is Nike's Futura font, which matches quite well with the letters in the A's primary logo. The BP cap is inspired by the white caps A's coaches would wear throughout the years. The Turn Back the Clock design stays quite reserved, inspired by the 70's home uniform, a design I knew I couldn't omit from this set. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated as always.
  13. Not bad, but now I feel like I have to listen to "Spinning Wheel".
  14. I agree on that one. However, I still think Tampa Bay should be the Bubbas.
  15. This is awful. It reads as "Jo." Should've put a blue bar as the vertical bar in the E, to make it JO|≡. The rest of the identity is quite solid, though.
  16. Such a Pittsburgh move to be on the good end of a stat like this.
  17. The Milton Menace have joined the Ontario Jr. A Hockey League, relocating from Newmarket. I'd post pics but I'm in phone.
  18. I always liked the cover that BS&T did
  19. I feel that this is gonna turn into an argument of color shades.
  20. The padres and diamondbacks stand out as unique takes I’ve never seen before, they both turned out really great! My favorites are probably San Diego, Detroit, and New York. They all turned out great!
  21. Who's the next team in USSL 2018-19? It seems this hasn't been updated in a long time.
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