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  2. Part of the reason I chose the Yankees over the Mets as a 7 year old (or so) kid was that I preferred their navy blue colors to the Mets' royal blue and orange. I think the Jets debuting new (well, fauxbacks, really) duds back in 1998 while the Giants were still in their old, very 80's get-up also helped with choosing the Jets over the Giants. If only I knew how much I'd rue that decision someday...
  3. Yeah, rule #1 for digi camo is don't use digi camo.. But rule #2 for digi camo is don't use your font/number color as one of the camo colors..
  4. Well that bites, blows, and sucks. Anyway, let's say we take this subsection for a swim. It's not like you can't make fictional leagues in the regular concepts thread. Just don't do any simulations with software, no role-playing, and no posts talking about who you're rooting for or about things unrelated to the artwork. Plenty of people have done this and done amazing work with it. @pcgd, @sparky chewbarky, @raysox, and many others have done this and come up with excellent concepts. This isn't like losing the Goldmine or the normal concepts section. There's still plenty of fantastic threads and strong concept work. If it cuts out a bunch of the people who were only in it for the stories, then I'm all for it.
  5. Over/under on how many people end up quitting the CCSLC because of this?
  6. When I first started really getting into Canadian football, I chose the Edmonton Eskimos. I am somewhat of a Packer fan (I push farther and farther away from the ridiculously obnoxious fan base and how terribly the front office is running the team. I mean 2 generational quarterbacks in the the last 25 years and 2 Super Bowls. I mean build around them.) and chose the Eskimos because of their similar color schemes. Although every once in a while a do get a, ”nice packer jersey.” compliment here and there when wearing my Eskimos jersey. I become a Devils and hockey fan after seeing the 1980s Green and Red Devils jersey during the stadium series. My old man was also a fan of the Devils and Martin Brodeur back in the 90s so I kind of picked up from him. And who says a color blind man can’t love the red and green look of teams even though he can’t tell them apart most of the time.
  7. Over/under on number of comments before this thread is locked? Place your bets, everybody!
  8. If nothing else, those uniforms are a nice reminder of when the Patriots were Miami’s whipping boy...and not vice versa.
  9. I've never turned on a Giants game and not known immediately that it was the Giants.. And as far as "color balance" is concerned, I prefer to take the uniform as a whole to judge color balance. The Giants have good color balance imo.. helmet is mostly blue, with a little grey, white, and red.. jersey is mostly white with a little red, and pants are grey with a little blue and red.. so, of the 4 colors featured on their uniforms, each color is the base of an entire uniform element - except for red.. so they at least gave red a nice supporting role as the numbers/stripes color for the white jersey.. that's literally about as much balance as one could ask for..
  10. Each of the six previous winners were also pretty clearly the favorites as well.
  11. Red is a team color for the Giants last time I checked..
  12. The Cubs have been playing on Sunday Night Baseball quite a bit lately and I can't shake the fundamental weirdness of that booth. It sounds like they're all just talking independently of one another. A-Rod doesn't say as much as you'd expect him to and Jess Mendoza says even less. The only time I felt like anyone was on the same page was when A-Rod and Mendoza both started crapping their pants over Trea Turner being charged with an error because the ball bounced off the edge of his glove and he fell down. (It must have worked, because the scorer reversed course and gave Almora the hit, but it sure looked like an error to me.) I think they kinda threw the baby out with the bathwater on the old Jon Miller/Joe Morgan pairing. They could have just Fired Joe Morgan© and kept one of the best play-by-play men in baseball, but that whole broadcasting franchise has been a mess ever since.
  13. Raptors aren’t done yet. Let’s tie it up and send it back to Milwaukee.
  14. Their regular sweaters - even with white numbers - are very good on their own.
  15. Yeah, exactly that. I wish I knew how to upload photos. But my hope is that they are saving those socks to re-introduce the Neely-era black jersey for their 3rd's next season, complete with era appropriate yellow socks.
  16. Anything's fine in the heat of the moment but once you're elaborately choreographing beforehand, you're just a dick.
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  18. I have to disagree, the royals look is a lifeless copy of the dodgers imo, this change is so fresh and unique to them I love it. The gold away needs to be blue but the gold could still be an alt
  19. That, folks, is a fine example of working boards history into a comment. My guess is those who feel that the SFF sub-forum is an integral part of CCSLC history will have no idea what Brass just did there. And therein lies the difference.
  20. Yeah, the filled-in space looks cheap, like they were afraid a number with a hole in it would tear easily and they wouldn't be able to afford replacing it. But that doesn't change that retro is not only the best way to go but the only way to go for the Dolphins.
  21. This is your positivity thread. Please delete this. If anything, it would validate what they've been saying. The Warriors were already a potential dynasty that won 73 games in a single season and then added a former MVP in his prime. The fact that they were the best team and got that much better is what irks people.
  22. Part of board history? Someone needs to turn the Sports Fan Fiction section into a parking lot for that comment.
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