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  2. The halo feels a tad thick compared to the shield, but other than that I think that would be a classic look that inspires some nice kits. Would use only the monogram with the halo above it for the clash kit.
  3. Looks like Louisville City FC is getting themselves a Women's Soccer Team:
  4. The Bears took Mitch Trubisky over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson. That is all.
  5. It was on FS1. My feed died right at the end of regulation and refused to come back up, though.
  6. Was the NYRB/Union game broadcast nationally? I saw NYRB up big at the half, but looks like Philly pulled it out in ET. Crazy week for MLS playoffs, with Minnesota/Galaxy still to come.
  7. As an O's fan myself, I can tell you there's way more reason to like their caps than to like the actual team these past few years.. But as for that 2nd part, "fitteds" and authentics are popular fashion statements and are trendy.. they can be somewhat of a status symbol, like authentic jerseys are.. they're mentioned in countless rap songs and have become synonymous with celebrities such as Jay-Z.. I (along with others I've seen post about it on these boards) have been known to occasionally buy a team's hat simply because I like it, even if I'm not a fan of that team.. ball caps might be the single most merchandisable official uniform element in all of pro sports, so it makes sense that teams will often include an aesthetically inferior cap in their rotation if it's seen as more universal and may sell better..
  8. They shouldn’t, but they do. Same reason that the NFL dresses up its coaches in faux army uniforms, so they can promote it as “sideline gear”.
  9. 1997 divisional round game against the Broncos. Bastards put Vasoline on their jerseys and that was a touchdown by Tony Gonzalez. Refs have been screwing things up for years. Derrick Thomas's last game. All the Chiefs had to do was beat the Raiders at home to go to the playoffs. Had a 17 point lead, blew it and lost to Oakland at home for the first time in over a decade. Didn't know it at the time but Derrick Thomas would be dead only a month later. 2003 No-Punt Game 2006 home opener against the Bengals. Trent Green getting nearly decapitated was something I got to see in person. Let's just say that under Marvin Lewis, orange and black was a fitting color scheme for his squad. 2007 Big 12 Championship Game. I stand by that KU bribed the BCS Committee to screw Mizzou out of a major bowl game. I'm praying that KU's basketball program gets the death penalty. It would be karma for all their bull :censored:. Jovan Belcher's murder-suicide in 2012. 2013 wild card game against the Colts. Hell, any playoff game against the Colts can count but blowing a 28-point lead in the 2nd half was a ballbuster. 2014 Game 7 of the World Series. No MadBum? The Royals win in 5 that year. Yordano Ventura getting hinself killed because he thought driving drunk was a good idea. 2018 AFC Championship Game. That wasn't a roughing the passer call. Really puts the misery in Missouri now that I think about it.
  10. Except that “growing cities” haven’t historically been good baseball cities. Too many people coming from all over, with their own loyalties intact. Nashville could well end up like Tampa Bay, where the Rays are the third most-popular team among baseball fans in their own city. Yeah, maybe an absurdist comedy show isn’t necessarily the best way to judge a city. Go watch Stumptown and see what you think about Portland.
  11. Have you noticed baseball’s business model for, oh, the last 30 years or so?
  12. Some immediately spring to mind. The Cundiff Game - 2011 AFC Championship. Lee Evans is one of the luckiest men in recent football history because everyone remembers Cundiff’s shank of the potential game-tying FG, yet many, many less remember Evans dropping the potential game-winning TD the play before. Liverpool losing the 2018 UCL Final by two goals. Goalkeeper Loris Karius had two bowlers and gifted Real Madrid two goals. The Caps have had plenty, but the two OT losses, to the Rangers in G7 in 2015, and to the Penguins in G6 in 2016, spring to mind. The O’s losing G5 of the ALDS to the Yankees, in the first time I remember seeing the Orioles in the playoffs in my lifetime. Getting swept by the Royals also sucked. I realize as I type this that I’ve been incredibly lucky, in that all of these (except the Orioles’) have been resolved later. The Ravens and Liverpool won titles the year after their heartbreaks, and the Caps won the Cup two years after.
  13. Who the heck would wear an O's cap other than an O's fan? I think the type of fan who wants an authentic cap isn't the same type of fan who worries about how flashy it is.
  14. I did that once in high school. Thinking of it still fills me with shame.
  15. But it's OK to NOT change uniforms because they're associated with winning a championship??? To me that's just as stupid.
  16. Some grey looks are my favourite in their respective sets
  17. What makes you think that the Orioles are content selling merely to Orioles fans? Besides, black and orange are the team’s colors. This road cap is very much the team’s color scheme, it’s just a little less garish than the white-paneled home cap. And yes, there are a ton of fashion caps out there. But I think we all know there’s something different about an “authentic”. Or clubs wouldn’t bother labeling those as such, and MLB wouldn’t be so desperate to get all the various cancer-caps and G.I. Joe Drag Show and the other special-interest caps worn on the diamond.
  18. For $12, I got a Colorado Avalanche 1995-2007 white jersey.
  19. Sequence in Hawks/Ravens: 1. Hawks challenge a PI no-call at the goal line, call is upheld, Hawks kick a FG. Hawks lose their last TO 2. Hawks get the ball back 3. Luke Willson gets mugged, no PI call, and no challenges left 4. Russell Wilson throws a pick 6 #4 is why #3 is so important to get right, and how trash NFL officiating affects outcomes of games. If the officials allow DBs to mug receivers (but only sometimes!), players have no idea what to expect or how to adapt. No one has ever paid money to watch the referees, but they're the third, most powerful team on the field.
  20. Interesting. What research or available data are you basing this off of? You would think if an O's fan is big enough of a fan to spend money on a cap to wear outside of the stadium, he would have no problem wearing the team's colors proudly. If he wants to sometimes wear something less flashy, then there's plenty of these types caps available: These are only a handful of fashion caps available on the O's site, but you get the idea. These types of caps are popular around town.
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  22. Then sell muted A's caps as fashion caps. People who need them will seek them out. The A's still shouldn't bother wearing them in games.
  23. I'm too lazy to actually make the picture, but: "Friendship ended with black leotards, now white leotards are my best friend"
  24. They are probably trending fast towards becoming a team always wearing the same colors for jerseys and pants.
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