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  1. Red Bulls added a sleeve sponsor. It actually looks very clean.... and dare I say....makes the kit look better?
  2. It feels right for Toronto to have a white alternate. Reminds me of these
  3. Love the old school colors on the change kit
  4. Good photo showing the difference in Yellows for 2 Nashville teams. Unfortunately all this does it confirm my despise for the highlighter shade Nashville SC chose.
  5. Fantastic series! One of the best I've seen.
  6. The Ram logo keeps reminding me of this for some reason
  7. You're missing the best one!
  8. Didn't think of this. I guess that would be a weird name in this scenario.
  9. haha, why do you think that though? There's definitely people in this country who still have a negative view of mls/american soccer. And i feel like the phrase "FC" as opposed to a "Galaxy" or "Fire" nickname makes a team more legitimate in their eyes. No?
  10. Charlotte FC is about as basic as you can go. Its not bad, but it's just very generic. Also, it really should be "SC". The league is Major League SOCCER. We call it soccer here. I understand why they do it though. Gotta appeal to all the Eurosnobs...
  11. Yea that # is weird. I like the overall look of the banner though, aside from the font.
  12. It still doesn't make sense though. If the Galaxy had 5 silver stars, perfect. But the middle star is gold, and they are not the defending champs...
  13. Apparently this is wrong because look at the Galaxy
  14. Correct. When the Red Bulls introduced the red kit, it was technically the change kit. But it was so popular that they started wearing it all the time, including most home games. They are in a weird spot right now because of the MLS kit rules (only one new kit each year). I would think they will introduce a RED kit as their primary next season (to replace the gray glitch), and have the red kit be their primary from that point on.