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  1. ^ Too busy. They should have made them more plain
  2. Adidas also made shoes for the Red Bulls. They aren't available for purchase, but Season Ticket holders got them for free.
  3. Rays with Yellow all over their social media, gave out yellow towels. I am surprised. Their navy/light blue is a little boring, but its a pretty good look when they go heavy on the light blue. They kind of own that color. Would have liked to see them use that instead.
  4. I did notice that. The navy/red combo is especially overused. Look how similar these 5 teams look...
  5. Better than the leak. I like the side panels a lot. I like the color scheme. The number could use a black outline. Would still like a jersey that says NETS. Not bad for a 1 year alternate though. Also I have noticed that the Nets are using that B ball logo everywhere now. They are using that more than the Nets shield.
  6. Would have liked the Nets shield at center court
  7. As a Nets fan I don't really like it as a full time court. Maybe it will look better in real life though.
  8. Not a fan of the logo at center court but the baseline looks great with that subway font
  9. Yea I'd be totally fine with a black away kit for the Red Bulls. But next year, it looks like they will have a grey kit and a black kit.....I don't even know what they will wear at home. I am hoping the black kit it heavy with red accents/stripes as a tribute to the Metrostars. I thought I remembered seeing that it was a special kit for their 25th anniversary. As for Chicago, I would like to see them keep the Fire name, It has too much history. I'd like to see a logo update or refresh. Not a whole re-branding though...
  10. I agree. It's my favorite look for them. And it fits them well, as it's the invert of the White/Red/White they wore for over a decade. I'm not a huge fan of the mono-red, especially since so many other teams wear that. We'll see what happens next year though, since it is rumored that a black kit will replace the red.
  11. I thought this was a great looking match up this weekend.
  12. Wow! ^ About time! One of my favorites 90's jerseys/logos. I hope its the black jersey. Why is it bad that it's against Florida?
  13. The Oilers alternate isn't the worst, but they definitely could have something better. I feel like they will use it for a year or 2 and then move to something else. The Flyers jerseys posted above are perfect and way better than than their current jerseys.