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  1. IF this gold jersey turns out looking good, I could totally see them adopting it as their full time home sweater.
  2. That Chelsea kit is disgusting
  3. 8 of 12 games had team in all white lol.
  4. ....what? That's an odd call. Their current home uniforms are actually pretty nice.
  5. Well they also won in this uniform so...
  6. The color of blue looks very different on the hat/sweatshirt compared to the uniform.
  7. Still think this is what Calgary should wear. RBK template ruined them.
  8. That Argentina kit sucks. The stripes are their identity, and you can barley even notice it on that that shirt.
  9. Red Bulls Supporters Shields Old: New:
  10. I like the new Red Bulls kits more after seeing them in action
  11. Are the USA kits the same for the men?
  12. IMO the stick in rink is the most overrated hockey logo . if someone came out with that today as their main logo we would all think it was a joke.
  13. Yea, my original point was just more about the team name, not proximity to the city. The "Riptide" nickname makes more sense for a Long Island / shore themed team than a New York City themed team.
  14. I live in the area. Wouldn't necessarily agree. The Islanders team/identity is not New York City, its clearly Long Island. Completely understand the appeal behind using "New York" as the team though. I don't blame them.