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  1. I knew the Cinci kit reminded me of something...
  2. Interesting. I like when Toronto uses the grey accents.
  3. Well said. It is still a nice looking kit. But I would have liked to see what this looks like with the royal and navy reversed.
  4. Also, why wouldn't the Preds wear yellow helmets tonight of all nights? Facing navy Columbus.
  5. Agree but the template is still nicer and so is the addition of silver. I'd like to see navy and silver reversed on the shoulders.
  6. I gotta disagree. Yes the colors are nice, but idk it just looks like a :censored:ty San Jose Earthquakes kit to me
  7. And Atlanta with stripes (although they have a way shorter history). Just dumb decisions all around...
  8. SMH Montreal. Debate all you want about the team name and logo, but the LAST thing you could criticize about the Montreal Impact was the blue/black stripes on the kit. It was a great look and unique to them in MLS. Why would they change that?
  9. I think your simple fix looks great.
  10. Are there longsleeve versions of this years kits? I wonder if RBNY will have the checkers go down the sleeves Also, this was posted on Instagram. I really like the look of the NY/NJ logo on the socks. Maybe the shorts and socks are red?
  11. The Panthers jersey is beautiful but there is something about large white striping that bothers me. I still prefer the original striping
  12. Both are decent. Could be better. As said above I wish there was SOME design elements aside from just 3 stripes. Also wish RSL would have used some yellow.
  13. going to be A LOT of light blue mext season..
  14. woah woah woah where are this pics from? Are these jerseys for sale?
  15. It reminds be of the Nashville Predators numbers