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  1. On a serious note, it does look much better than their horrible normal collar. Hopefully this will make them consider changing the normal jersey collars soon.
  2. Cavs playing their home games in Brooklyn this year?
  3. Fair. I kinda forgot about those looks. I think I'd understand the red more if it was blue/yellow trim, keeping with those color schemes though. Rather than orange/sunset colors.
  4. The Red Bulls have played their last game in their horrible grey glitch kit. I really wonder what color the next kit will be. It will technically be their "Primary" kit. Will it be white or red?
  5. haha, thanks for the backup I actually did know that red is a part of their color scheme (current and former). But they have NEVER had red as anything more than a trim color. Just seems like they already have a variety of current color schemes. The current (White/Navy/Yellow/Red) and their Mile High color scheme (Royal blue/yellow) and their Rainbow scheme (with black and white jerseys). Plus they have the Melo era baby blue if they want to do a throwback look. IMO, last thing they needed to do was introduce a completely new red jersey which they've never had before. Especially when it's not even an original idea (see Utah).
  6. Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't like those Denver jerseys at all. They have the weirdest branding. They've worn like 7 different color schemes over the past decade and now they add RED? Plus the sunset is such an unoriginal idea when Utah just did that...