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  1. The amount of alternates being worn in the NBA playoffs this year is ridiculous. And my Nets are probably the worst offender with that jersey that looks like a 5 year old drew it.
  2. Agree. The black and white ones were ok as a one time thing. But this is like year 3 of this now. I don't understand the color choice. Red Bulls in city blue? The Crew in Cinci blue and orange? IMO the only nice looking ones are Vancouver and SKC
  3. I wonder if they think the Navy alternate will sell more to casuals who are just watching the playoffs and want to get a McDavid or Draisatl jersey. The orange ones are a bit loud to wear casually if you aren't an Oilers fan.
  4. Probably worn another weekend but where do you guys find this official uniform release every week?
  5. Yes. Although personally I think it would look better without the orange sleeves (and possibly without the orange shoulders too)
  6. The Oilers away jersey is perfect. Just make a Navy version for the Home jersey! Can keep the Orange jersey as an alternate.
  7. Austin FC ruined their look by going with Black shorts, Black socks, and Black back of the kit. Wayyy to much black. Not enough Green
  8. Maybe its just wishful thinking, but I feel like they aren't going to do a straight Throwback approach. I feel like something new is coming, obviously based off the Kachina jersey though. Maybe a red Kachina jersey? Using purple trim instead of green? the alternate Kachina head logo as the main? dare I say a sand colored jersey?
  9. I think the current ones are too green But I liked their old ones with the sand colored camo
  10. This kit sucks in every way possible. As if enough teams don't already use light blue....Its just so unnecessary.
  11. First look at the Red Bulls shorts and socks. Not happy that they are going Red socks for the white/red/red look. I think the classic white/red/white looks better and more balanced. I wonder if they will have an alternate pair of White shorts/socks though. They introduced their grey kit in 2019 with red socks/shorts and then ended up wearing all grey sometimes. https://ussoccerplayers.com/images/2020/11/new-york-red-bulls-squad-september-2020.jpg
  12. Devils wearing the green RR's against the Islanders tonight should be a great matchup
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