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  1. In San Francisco, of all places! The logistics were a bit different back then, but not by that much.
  2. No, you’re right, and I get that. It's not just as simple as opening up a wallet and digging in some pockets. But the A's have been run like one of those old Chinatown eateries where the floor is about to fall in and kill everyone because the owners are 97 years old, blind, work 7 days a week, and can barely afford to keep the lights on. That's a sign that the ownership group is in WAY over their heads, are greedy to the point where they don't mind risking the well-being of the public, or (gulp) both. Something has to give. I'm just hoping it isn't the upper deck onto a group of unsuspecting fans.
  3. This is the age old line they always use. I wonder if it's true that they really can't pay for it themselves (In which case, they shouldn't be allowed to own a Major League Baseball team) or they're just trying to cry poor and make it look to the public like they can't pay for it themselves (In which case they REALLY shouldn't be allowed to own a Major League Baseball team). I've never really understood why the A's have always seemingly had such impoverished ownership groups. You would think with all the money in the Bay Area that you'd be able to find at least ONE extremely rich billionaire who could buy the team and foot this whole thing themselves (or at least have the tangible ability to). , just look at Lacob and Gruber. They added BILLIONS to the value of the Warriors and just got them a new arena right in the middle of San Francisco, which is a damn near impossible task. You're really telling me they (or someone with similar financial clout) couldn't do the same thing with the A's? I don't believe it.
  4. They should build the stadium next to the San Diego Zoo.
  5. I wouldn’t give up hope too soon. There’s still a chance they win and you can finally change to TrueYankee27.
  6. The Sacramento Bengals. We'll even have a soccer stadium for them to play in, too!
  7. Yeah but Seattle has the benefit in that it's just a better all around city than Sacramento. It has a larger population than Sacramento (Metro is nearly twice the size), TONS of industry from large businesses (Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks, Amazon, etc. Not to mention shipping, fishing, and other maritime industry) while Sacramento is more centered around government, and you already have three (soon to be four) top level pro sports teams with already well established arenas/stadiums. Seattle will be just fine, and it's already a MAJOR power player on the west coast. They may lose the occasional concert date here and there to Tacoma, but Seattle is just too large and powerful of a city to miss out on the best opportunities. If there's a way to work in bringing back the Sonics, it's going to happen. There isn't a single doubt in my mind about that. On the other hand, if Sacramento had lost the Kings? Although I probably thought differently years ago, that's probably it for us. We're banished to being Fresno with a big shiny domed capital building.
  8. Looking back on it, I feel somewhat conflicted about the Kings staying, but getting Golden1 was the real gain. The Kings as a franchise are absolutely useless and I personally wouldn't have missed them even in the slightest had they left for Seattle (Anaheim would've legitimately annoyed me, for several reasons). But, it's not really the Kings that made the difference in all of this. They just so happened to be the team that would be occupying the new building if it got built. The thing that was really such a huge deal was actually seeing the new arena plan come to fruition the way it did. If you had asked me ten years prior to G1 opening what the chances that Sacramento was going to build a brand new state-of-the-art arena right smack dab in the middle of downtown, I would've told you there was a better chance I would be the captain of the first manned Mars mission. Getting new stadium/arena deals done in California is a prohibitively difficult task for several reasons as it is. But getting an arena deal done in downtown Sacramento seemed damn near impossible. What you have to remember is that Sacramento is one of the oldest major cities on the west coast, and unlike cities like San Francisco, the infrastructure was never really maintained to adapt to change. There wasn't even a major highway that bypassed the city (like you see in just about every major city in the country) until the early 1980s. Building just about anything in the downtown area was a pretty foolhardy endeavor because it just wasn't built for that type of expansion, and really, there wasn't any motivation for any of that to change. Then Golden 1 came around and basically changed everything. A lot of people (Including me) thought putting an arena in downtown was crazy because, how in the hell was anyone supposed to get around down there when it's already miserably crowded (Think Queen Anne near Key Arena during concerts, but every single day)? But what's happened is putting an arena down there has basically forced the city/state to implement certain infrastructure changes, that have been DESPERATELY needed for decades, and it's really transformed the way people see downtown. I'm not an expert by any means when it comes to infrastructure and civil engineering, but I can say without a single shred of doubt that the new soccer stadium we're about to start building wouldn't have been possible without Golden 1 clearing all the hurdles it needed to clear. The new stadium is going to be built in an area that has been looking for a development project for more than 100 years, and it's basically set to double the size of downtown once the full range of construction is finished. Golden 1 being built has legitimately changed the face of Sacramento in so many ways, and it's helped to turn it from a relatively modest city (despite it being the capital), to a city that has the potential to be a huge player within the state from a business perspective. So, while I don't care at all for the Kings themselves, the building of Golden 1 was absolutely essential for propelling Sacramento into the future everyone from here has been hoping for. Without the Kings, that future probably wasn't possible (Unless my dream of us ever getting the A's were to happen, but that would've been a HUGE gamble had we let the Kings walk. We probably have a stronger case for that now, actually. That's for another time and thread, though). So, in that sense, even though I think they're a joke on the court (And I have some beef with how their front office operates on a lot of things), I absolutely appreciate what they were able to facilitate for the future of this city.
  9. I can confirm this. I saw the Warriors play there once! For the life of me, though, I can't seem to remember who they played.
  10. Oh I agree totally. Golden1 is an awesome venue. It’s a GREAT place to see concerts, the rodeo, and monster trucks.
  11. This comes across as written by a rather scared Lakers fan.
  12. I made a comment in the Republic Reddit thread about how excited I am that Sacramento is FINALLY getting a top-level professional sports team, and now all four Kings fans are mad at me.