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  1. I’d love it if the D-Backs went back to the look of their classic home uniform—pinstripes with the “A” logo on the jersey—but in black, Sedona red and turquoise.
  2. I assume this will tie in with the unveiling of the new uniforms?
  3. I love the subtle blue gradient on the uniform.
  4. Gotta love how the “9” vaguely resembles a beer barrel. If the Spring Training signage is any indicator of the new Brewers’ uniform numbers and scripts, I for one will be very happy.
  5. Great to have this series back in action after so long! I love the different variations on Owgust and the Brewers unis—If I may make one suggestion, I’d add a white (or red?) outline to the “M” on the gold front paneled cap to match the script on the gold jersey.
  6. Speaking of the Brewers reveal, do we know yet when that’s happening?
  7. I wish the brown jersey either used the PADRES wordmark or the SD monogram, but overall I’m thoroughly impressed with this redesign. Nice job, Padres! Tough act to follow for the Brewers!
  8. Is there a link for a livestream of the unveiling? This thing starts in about 45 minutes.
  9. If that’s the case then why did they bring back the original teal & black throwbacks last season?
  10. Yeah, I didn’t mean it would happen any time soon. But it will happen eventually. This latest rebrand hasn’t exactly enjoyed a glowing reception.
  11. Once the Marlins inevitably decide to introduce yet another redesign in the next couple years, here’s what I’m betting they’ll do, based on what the Padres and Brewers appear to be doing: Go back to teal and black with pinstripes at home, but keep their current orangey red as an accent color, as well as keep the current scripts and numbers (maybe tweaked slightly). Maybe they’ll introduce a teal colored alt, as well.
  12. I still think it’s incredibly pointless that they have two separate home uniforms with the only difference between the two being the turquoise trim. Just make the “teal home” alt your everyday home uniform and add turquoise trim to the rest of your wardrobe and you’ll be set. And unpopular opinion time: I actually liked the charcoal gray road uniforms; the pants just looked awful when worn with an alternate jersey.
  13. Seeing that mockup, I think I'd prefer the colors on the wordmark be flipped, but at this point I think I'm still going to be happy either way.
  14. I can try that, but I think I prefer to pick one of either navy or hunter green since they’re so similar in tone.
  15. Slightly different approach for the Rays, focusing just on their current colors and original gradient design. What do you guys think?
  16. Let's return to the AL today with the Tampa Bay Rays! With the Rays bringing back their late '90s look as a fauxback in 2018 and the related merchandise selling like hotcakes, I decided to really lean into that look in a similar way to the Angels. I also replaced navy blue with hunter green in an attempt to produce a true combination of eras-type design. C&C appreciated!
  17. I like this idea. And with the “Brew Crew” script being angled, a beer label-shaped design like on the Schlitz bottle posted above would work well behind the script. Also, given what we now know about the Brewers’ new 2020 uniforms, I wonder if @Victormrey would consider replacing the barley “M” on the cap with the new “BiG” logo.
  18. I like them both. But I wish the one on the left was the Spring Training jersey and the one on the right was the new alternate.
  19. If the new khaki road uniforms are a similar shade to the original ‘69 Padres roads, it could be a really nice look.
  20. Here's a quick mock-up of how it might look on a uniform, using the navy & athletic gold color scheme:
  21. The Brewers look great! Any chance you could raise the numbers a bit to where they usually would be?
  22. The white front paneled home cap is a nice nod to the Expos.
  23. I'd lean towards '93, as that was the last year of the "BiG" era Brewers before they introduced their navy, forest green and metallic gold look the following season.