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  1. his name is hick and he's not a republican Why bother?
  2. I feel like Seattle's and St Louis's color schemes are a little too similar.
  3. These don't really look that wrong right now, but i'd bet that once these jerseys develop an association to playing without Lebron, these jerseys will probably look a lot weirder on him than right now
  4. i hate the black helmet. it doesn't work with the mostly black panther logo.
  5. the logo could use some more green, but otherwise the logo is great
  6. I like the colour scheme but as a former Albuquerque resident I don't feel like it represents Albuquerque very well, maybe try using red, yellow and maybe some green?
  7. This is really good, but the colours are very bright. Maybe try and use the colour picker tool on the old Raptors logo?
  8. Maybe they could use the old version of the advertisers logo, like this?
  9. Hi! I'm back now! I'm gonna start right where I left off with the 2017 NBA champions, the Golden State California Warriors! Home Uniforms Road Uniforms
  10. I get the thing with the bricks, but the moment I saw the bricks I thought "oh like shooting bricks?", so maybe don't do that, because then it could just get associated with bricking shots. russell westbrick
  11. Maybe not a good album to my standards, but it was popular nonetheless.