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  1. if these were their jerseys i would be really happy, these are almost perfect
  2. Its hard to nail down what would be a good historical and traditional Cards jersey. I agree that the cards along with many other NFL teams should return to tradition, but I honestly can't remember any cardinals success outside of their Kurt warner era, so I honestly don't have an idea of what the "classic cardinals jerseys" would look like.
  3. the idea of using a perched raven gives me st. louis cardinals vibes
  4. post this here
  5. same, nike has done a pretty good job with sports, i just wish that they left the mlb alone and that they used the same jersey materials that Reebok did, looked shinier and cooler imo
  6. ok maybe not monochrome but take ur orange pants tf outta here
  7. they better just use these with a white facemask also i hope that they bring back the little elf dude to use as their primary. i dont want it to be the helmet logo but just for like broadcasts and promotional material
  8. that thread is 3 years old and i only check this thread on this board anyways
  9. if they change the unis dramatically then i'd like to see pat patriot come back, if they do things like keep the number font the same, turn it into their color rush jerseys etc then i think that jay leno should stay then
  10. Are the browns getting a change this year??