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  1. i think the husky on the shoulders is a bad idea.maybe if you made it another color instead of purple on purple or grey on white it would look good, but i thin kthat the double purple thing doesnt work. everything else looks really good though super clean stuff
  2. normally when people try to do concepts on classic looks lke the raiders i get butthurt but youve done a good job with it. i love the number font. i think the numbers need to be a LITTLE bigger though.
  3. I swear, this system is so dumb. It’s already walking the line of sailing fetish, they might as well just push it over. Just like the rest of their stolen valor nonsense mimicking pirates and sail boats.
  4. guys only the military is allowed to have team captains sorry yall try again next time !
  5. dude these teams deciding that they're gonna wear the white helmets with the white away jerseys has me tearing my hair out. the worst part about a team wearing a white helmet is that it looks boring asf when the team goes away and is wearing like all white basically. i dont understand why so many teams decide that "its le white out time!!!" when colored helmets almost always look better with white jerseys. i hate nike so much its unreal
  6. oh goodness i forgot about cbs new scorebug they debuted at the super bowl. i thought the one they had was bad but im not looking forward to watching cbs games this year lol.
  7. idk who the psychos at adidas are who think its a good idea to pair white facemasks with silver numbers lol. esp when grey facemasks are pretty much the standard look for ku. mentally detached
  8. personally i think you should return to a full color arizona flag on the away jerseys. i think it would just look better in general but the red on white monochrome deal you have going on looks a lot like the rising sun japanese flag. i also just like the use of arizonas flag in full color on the whites since the white uniforms are plainer.
  9. the drop shadow on those looks weird it reminds me of how coke used to put drop shadows
  10. oh lord alt helmet shells got approved be prepared to see :censored: like this on social media lol
  11. why does every single team wear the same number font it looks so bad
  12. its whatever, kind of a lateral move. still think they should have never changed from this
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