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  1. It'd be a shame to see a great name like Snappers go. Just an update to the team's logo package is all they need. Also, how odd is it that Beloit still has a team?
  2. Also, this... They didn't join the AL in 1901, they'd been there since 1890 when the league started as the Western League; including 1900 when it was rechristened to the American League. Anyway, the obvious answer is the original ball in glove.
  3. I'd rather just have them replace that useless pinstripe set with the 1982 fauxbacks and use it like the A's have their kelly green set.
  4. I have a feeling we'll see powder blue road alts next year. I can't say I've heard too many people Make the Michigan complaint about the Brewers (at least not to the extent I heard it re: the Packers throwbacks). But you're 100% correct on powder vs. royal. Love the flag idea too.
  5. I do think that has more to do with it being the blue one more than anything. But my point is that the significance of the Brewers in cream is probably lost on a lot of people who don't live in Milwaukee. I think the Bucks jerseys are the most publicity the Cream City nickname has ever gotten.
  6. Guh..... the cream is the best one! I'd sooner dump the pinstripes and bring back the 1982 fauxback. Interestingly, the Bucks cream gear seems to rival their regular stuff. I suspect it might be due to the Bucks having a significantly more localized fan base that appreciates Milwaukee. Where the Brewers have a largely suburban fanbase for whom they've even downplayed being a Milwaukee team before.
  7. ...that's not a good reason to revive an old identity?
  8. The new look has its flaws, but you're insane if you think it's not an upgrade over the previous set.
  9. There's a reason the baseball team chose to be the Nationals instead.
  10. That's the best road gray the Brewers have worn since Robin Yount's last year. But I must say, it felt odd seeing MILWAUKEE in a block font. I think one of the (very few) things the old set got right is that every uniform had a script. From Robin Yount's chase for 3,000 to the Yeliches, Brauns, and Fielders of the modern era, scripts feel quintessentially Brewers to me. I like the Brewers font. It looks great on merch and should remain part of their brand. But I realize now how much I'd prefer scripts on the actual uniform. I wonder what the 1990 scripts would look like on the modern uniforms. Anyone (SFGiants58?) feel like mocking that up?
  11. I thought both were grammatically correct. Either way, the Maple Leafs show this doesn't have to be an issue.
  12. If there's legit precedent for them being the Edmonton Elks, then let them be the Edmonton Elks and call it a day. I hope they don't botch this by overthinking it.
  13. Not sure if its been noticed yet, but the Brewers have been pairing their navy tops with the solid navy caps. They also seem to be presenting this as their default road uniform. They wore blue on the road about as often as they wore their regular road grays over the past two (playoff) seasons. Perhaps they see this part of their identity now? I must say, the blue top is growing on me. I didn't think I'd be saying that. But the numbers are definitely the best part of this new set.
  14. Edmonton Elks sounds like it could have just as easily been around for 100 years, too.