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  1. Not feeling the red pins, otherwise this is a pretty solid look. Only I'm not sure I'd consider it an upgrade from the actual set if only because the White Sox hit a grand slam with theirs.
  2. I think Wyoming-WMU has a bit of the Texas-Tennessee think going on where one school is more associated with their mascot based logo that the similar monograms aren't a problem. Granted, it doesn't help that both mascot logos feature horses on top of the similar colors. I think I'd have preferred to see a WMU rather than just a W. But that would make Western the only D1 Michigan school not branding itself around a single block letter.
  3. Is the sign usually lit up in those colors? Otherwise it comes across a a pride month jersey. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but something to keep in mind. Also, not sure I'm feeling the royal blue pants. I feel like monochrome only works in extremely light (gray, powder blue, gold, etc.) or extremely dark (black, navy) colors. Otherwise, it's too much of a "softball" look for my liking. Good concept though. Are you gonna try to take on other teams that aren't part of the initial group?
  4. Not bad. But keep in mind that the Packers used several fonts in the 60s as that sort of thing wasn't nearly as regulated in those days. I've seen team photos of Henry Jordan (74) and Forrest Gregg (75) wearing completely different 7s. Also, I would prefer the pants matched the jersey on the throwback, as was the case in 1944... the last time they won a championship in the "classic Lambeau" look.
  5. In the Brewers case, it was their royal pinstriped fauxbacks that were selling more than any other of their jerseys. Also, you'd have to think there would be a powder blue uniform with the new set if it were strictly about what sells.
  6. Gotta say, I'm a little peeved about the Cubs in navy. I have to believe the Brewers decision to retain navy was at least in part to not step on toes and be another royal team in the NL Central. The Cubs may have worn navy at a time when pretty much every team was navy or red, but they've been royal blue for a good century now. It'd be one thing if the Marlins added random colors (ironically, their City Connect jerseys were quite tame), but not a club with as much history as the Cubs. They didn't have to overthink this. Something like a royal jersey swapping out the Cubs circle for the Municipal Device would have been perfectly fine. The City Connect unis are currently sitting with a .500 OPS.
  7. The blue helmets with black jerseys give me an original Falcons vibe, and the colors themselves recall the Buffalo Braves; both of which are very appropriate for this era.
  8. Good looking uniform in a vacuum, but I don't think it's very on brand for the Braves. Maybe try a red version of the Hank 715 unis?
  9. Not bad. I see what you mean about the tricorner without the numbers. But the Chargers kept their numbers pretty well into the 70s, so it would still be period appropriate if you added them. I also see what you mean with the NE logo looking generic. But it does give off a super 70s vibe, so... mission accomplished?
  10. Never liked the hiking patriot. Otherwise this is exactly how I wished they looked. Maybe experiment with the tri-corner hat?
  11. I remember Wisconsin using them the year they had Russell Wilson.
  12. Oh, I've definitely heard it... just not sure how accurate it is anymore. Besides, the 1980s UW-Mad phrase I've always liked was ESFU.
  13. In fairness, I'm not sure I'd call what surrounds Madison (or most of Wisconsin) "reality" in good conscience.
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