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  1. I'm glad my instinct was right about the Angels. If they want to make navy more than a trim color again that's exactly the route they should go. It evokes their traditional look, but keeps them a red-dominant team which I think is important to their brand. Thanks for the mock up. Also, I love the way you incorporated the halo into the socks. That might be my favorite part of the concept. As far as your Twins concepts... your TC mark is absolutely gorgeous and feels uniquely theirs. I would absolutely be on board if it were real. I wonder, could we see your third option with red scripts and numbers (except for the red jersey, obviously)? I feel like that might strike a perfect blend of the Met and Metrodome era looks.
  2. This is turning out to be quite the series. I do like the Cream City jerseys, and I think it's long overdue that both Milwaukee teams are wearing cream. The Bucks are just on dire need to :censored: or get off the pot with what their colors actually are.
  3. Major League isn't going anywhere. Besides, the Indians did it themselves. Instead of quietly getting rid of Wahoo the way the Braves did their chief in the 80s, they allowed the pot of controversy to be stirred for so long that it became a permanently divisive issue. Personally, I'm not offended by Wahoo. But if he were my team's logo I'd still be too embarrassed to wear it.
  4. Ah, THAT'S why this looks familiar. Granted, they could have chosen much worse to take their inspiration from.
  5. Are TV numbers actually necessary nowadays? A few of the XFL teams don't even have them and I don't think it effects the viewing experience. Besides, IIRC, the Bengals were the last team to adopt TV numbers.
  6. Now that's better.
  7. I would say that's an improvement given what you're going for in this series. I still don't think the yellow scripts and numbers contrast well with a white base either. But given that cream isn't a Marquette color, it might be best to stick with white.
  8. My only critiques are for the home uni. The clashing piping doesn't look that good and I don't think the gold script and numbers has enough contrast with the base of the uniform to be legible on moving players. That said, I LOVE the combination of the modern numbers with the early 90s scripts. Your use of the block M is clever too, since MU used to use a very similar logo. Well done, sir!
  9. That jersey is definitely from the NWL's infancy. But I can't give a much better estimate of a specific year than 90s or early-mid 2000s. You best bet might be to seek out old programs on eBay and try to date it that way.
  10. This immediately came to mind for me.
  11. I like the "dream catcher" version the best. And I'd definitely experiment with a script W.
  12. The Anticipation box art is legendary precisely because of how awkward and out of place it looks. I also can't be the only one who appreciates Activision's motif of always including the rainbow in the box art.
  13. Sorry to cross-pollinate the C&C, but I would love to see the bottom home and roads with a red crown-navy brim combo. Your red and gold version couldn't possibly be more perfect for what you were going for.
  14. Can you even have the discussion about bad box art without starting with... whatever this is?