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  1. It's not like a team called the Triplets is completely unheard of. But I also didn't think about the possibility of having Twins to mean the "twin" Carolinas. Maybe I just don't like this because I'm having such a hard time wrapping my head around how this was even supposed to work in the first place. This has to be the most random spot anyone has ever tried to put a major pro franchise.
  2. It was actually the first jersey I can remember liking because of the color. I thought the Bucks looked wrong in purple even back then and thought the deer unis made them look like themselves again.
  3. If this had been their original road jersey, they could have kept these. They really dropped the ball going all-in on purple when they'd always been green + some other color up to that point (and since). That script is a beaut. Get rid of the dropshadow and it'd look as good as when the Brewers used it.
  4. You moved the Spokane Shock to Seattle. Does that mean the Milwaukee Blizzard is the team that currently plays in Green Bay?
  5. No complaints from me. And kudos for resisting the urge to reinvent the wheel.
  6. That is the Phillies up above. But I think the A's also did blue and gold for a couple of their last year in Phily. Crazy to think blue and gold is such a basic color combo, yet no one in MLB did it for more than a couple years until the Pilots/Brewers came along.
  7. Not bad for what it is. But I seriously doubt they'd keep the Twins name if they moved. Especially not if they moved to an area called the Piedmont Triad. Might we see a Carolina Triads concept?
  8. Would have zero complaints if this was what they actually did.
  9. Already, this is a series to watch!
  10. I must say I generally agree on don't wear colored tops if your default uniform is pinstripes. However, the Mets look infinitely better without the pins. And those colored tops are gorgeous.
  11. I can see that. I only wear baseball jerseys because they look more like casual wear than jerseys from other sports. Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I get envious when I see pictures of dressed up crowds at midcentury games. But that horse left the barn a long time ago.
  12. This may sound counter-intuitive from someone who cares enough about sports branding to part of a forum like this, but I honestly find the lack of team-specific branding at Miller Park refreshing. I've always liked that about Lambeau Field too.
  13. That's actually a pretty good look for them. I would love to see some of these northern New England teams sewing the seeds for an Expos return.
  14. Glad to help! I might also experiment with yellow-gold too.
  15. I actually like your version with the SG more. I don't mind the nickname appearing in the monogram as long as it looks good.