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  1. Apart from seconding only using the shield on the helmet, I can't think of a single thing I'd change for Milwaukee. The full gear would be great at midfield though. I can't believe how well those colors work together. I'm all for the brick pattern if only because of how often I've learned that non-locals think Cream City is a reference to dairy. In reality, Milwaukee's only real connection to the dairy industry is being where a lot of dairy products go to be consumed.
  2. I certainly wasn't expecting this. I had to look it up and see if Blue Jays were native to Wisconsin (they are). I do like the Wisconsin outline in place of the maple leaf.
  3. Milwaukee White Sox
  4. Still a downgrade from the Irish Rainbows, but at least this is reasonably consistent with their traditional identity. Those are the colors of their classic logo.
  5. FCS affiliated, but non-scholarship, which is why you never hear of them. They're a glorified club team. As far as a new nickname, I'd like them to choose somethinh that would enable them to keep their current identity package, as I think it's very well done. I would go with Squires. It means the same basic thing as Knights, but much more unique.
  6. The other reason I'd like to see it in black is that the Bucks have already introduced a couple black alts with the current set that feature a giant deer head. Seems only natural (to me anyway) that they'd go black on their original deer head template.
  7. At least you could say green & red was consistent with the Bucks historic identity, as they were obviously inspired by what they wore in their early years. Purple made zero sense for them. It was chosen solely because it was a trendy color in the 90s. That's also why I don't care for blue being part of their identity now. Black and gold I can live with, because even though they never wore those colors before, they were part of their classic Bango logo and don't look so jarring.
  8. I remember the originals being a big hit with people under 30. Personally, they were my favorite out of that entire set. I thought the buck was cool and I liked that they were green. Never cared for them in purple. Any chance we could see these in black rather than blue?
  9. Beloit. Their identity is such a mess now that no one even knows what their name is.
  10. Interesting choice of jersey to represent Dan Fouts. I think he only wore powder blue in his rookie year.
  11. I don't think their modern thick piping is quite that wide though. I think it would look fine on pants.
  12. Standard marketing speak and patronizing go hand in hand. Also, given the tendency of white nationalist cultists to exploit the word and concept of patriotism, the decision to even go there in the first place feels all sorts of icky.
  13. I wouldn't recommend neck piping for the Brewers. Just take the thick sleeve piping, then apply it to the rest of the jerseys and pants.