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  1. Man, the Brewers and Diamondbacks High-A affiliates need to swap identities. Take away the geographical identifiers, and how many people do you suppose would actually guess correctly which team belongs to which parent club? (And maybe not even then.)
  2. It wasn't that they couldn't keep their minor league team. It was that their stadium was converted to a soccer/football only configuration to accommodate MLS standards. The Beavers were replaced almost immediately in Metro Portland with the Hillsboro Hops in the Northwest League where they tend to be one of the better supported teams. As far as the city's "volatility" is concerned, it doesn't seem to have effected the Timbers or Blazers in any measurable way. That said, I'm rooting for Vegas.
  3. Same reason my Packers would never wear throwbacks from the Forrest Gregg years. Even if it's a reference to the movie, it's not exactly something the franchise wants to pay tribute to.
  4. I'm rooting for Las Vegas or Portland to be the A's landing spot if they don't stay in Oakland. Not only would the divisional alignment remain intact, but the colors work for either city (Timbers colors for Portland, green money and gold coins for Vegas). The A's have some of the best uniforms and brands in all of MLB. I'd rather they not change at all (apart from replacing references to Oakland with the new city) if they can help it.
  5. Even that's misleading because for whatever reason, only Milwaukee County and three counties that surround it are counted in the metro population. But if you include all 9 counties in Southeast Wisconsin, the population is over 2 million. Granted, half of those people live in Milwaukee County itself, which is why a market like Milwaukee can work. Baseball needs a strong centralized population because few fans are willing to go on a significant commute to attend a weeknight game, which I would think goes to your point. Lots of western metros have massive populations. But if that population is spread out, which tends to be the case with sunbelt cities, it won't translate into attendance.
  6. I think you're on to something here. But I think going even more yellow heavy would separate them from the Brewers and be even more on brand for Nashville.
  7. This is the first I've heard of anyone thinking the Brewers wore purple. The Twins are usually the team that everyone has a Mandela Effect of remembering being in purple.
  8. For sure... it's one thing for a team like the Toronto Blue Jays to have a leaf as part of their identity. But a junior team in a league that's more or less localized to a single Canadian province? Seems a bit redundant.
  9. Speaking of city connect, the Brewers have gotta be looking to go with something based on the people's flag, right? It'd be the perfect excuse to add a powder blue uni to their set (which should have been included in the first place).
  10. Too bad FNOB isn't a thing anymore. I was too young to remember when the Rams did it with Jack and Jim Youngblood. But I always looked forward to seeing the Broncos when they had Doug and Dave Widell. I also used to wonder what the Bears would have done if they ever got Mark Carrier the WR when they had Mark Carrier the DB.
  11. Is that really even the case anymore? Much like with baseball, any young kid who shows promise nowadays is called up to the big leagues within a year or two if even that. The Triple A level is just a place to stockpile guys who aren't quite good enough for the big club in case of injuries.
  12. Great series! Your North Stars concept looks a lot like their unused black prototype from the 80s. I'd love to see a gold version of one of their 1970s designs. Also, if you're open to doing minor league teams and taking requests, I'd love to see a reverse retro for my hometown Admirals. Milwaukee never had an NHL team. but I think their last IHL jerseys are some of the coolest, most distinct in hockey history. Loved Captain Crunch and the anchor stripe.
  13. This is almost as cringe when the Milwaukee AA team chose that goofy Milkmen identity. Essentially, "Hey, we're a baseball team in Wisconsin" which makes even less sense when the Mallards play in a league with 9 other in-state rivals. The only thing inherently Madison about this is the capitol skyline in the back. Even the puddles don't look like the lakes surrounding the isthmus. Also, the old colors tied the Mallards back to the Madison Muskies, the Oakland A's affiliate that broke in the nucleus of their pennant winning clubs from 1988-90. THAT'S what says Madison baseball to me. The fact that it had to be pointed out that the new colors (allegedly) came from the city flag tells me they really missed the mark on a local-based identity.
  14. Between retired numbers (officially and unofficially) and numbers currently spoken for on the Packers, 7, 8, and 9 were the only single digits available. I'm gonna guess the new A-Rod wanted a single digit and chose the one that was the most visually similar to what he wore in college (3).
  15. I'd be all for that. I'd even hope for a domino effect where the Midwestern teams reform the IHL.
  16. Perhaps it's a mock up that the Packers made for promotional purposes? I doubt they would have posted it on their official social media if that weren't the case.
  17. You could call the Cubs logo bland and generic by modern standards, but I'd hardly call it "bad."
  18. Looks like we have at least one receiver slated to wear a single digit. The Packers new A. Rodgers will wear the old A. Rodgers' college number.
  19. Did you mean to use the old wordmarks? Because they look a lot better with their current identity.
  20. For Milwaukee, I'd replace Oscar with Bob Uecker. No disrespect to the Big O... his was the first number retired by the Bucks and rightfully so. But his career is more associated with Cincinnati (Bearcats and Royals). Uke is the quintessential Milwaukeean both in and out of the sports world. Green Bay would be a lot more political, as I'd avoid controversy by not including any of the Packers iconic QBs. Rather, I'd try to find a guy who best represented each era of Packers football. Therefore, I'd go with Don Hutson, Vince Lombardi, Reggie White, and Donald Driver.
  21. They actually do issue 3 digit numbers in Japan. As much as I enjoy Japanese baseball, I'm okay if this trend never makes it across the Pacific.
  22. Isn't this exactly why they've always sold programs and scorecards? I agree "that's the way its always been done" is weak by itself. But literally every ballpark nowadays has a giant video board for this exact reason. Also, aren't NOBs just ultimately a waste of material? I dunno... I've just always preferred NNOB. The cleaner look just says "baseball" to me.
  23. Abstract 1970s French Canadian art as logos feels as on brand for Montreal as black and gold does for Pittsburgh.
  24. Packers G is absolutely this. It's bizarre that thet use a G and not a GB, yet they wouldn't look right with anything else.
  25. I would honestly rather the Packers have green pants. I always thought their uniforms were a little too bright when they play indoors under the lights. It'd look as good on them as it does on North Dakota State.
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