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OrdinarieO© / Minimalistic NHL Fitted Caps & Logos Debut


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What up SL community! I go by the name of TheArtfulJB. And I'm here to showcase a fairly new

project mine called Ordinarie Original©. What's the meaning of the name? It means not your

average, ordinary type. And in short, the OrdinarieO© brand focuses on the sport of hockey with

minimalistic styled fitted caps and logos featuring the likeness of all 30 NHL teams.

Since tonight is the debut of the 2015-2016 season, I'll be posting the first round of fitteds today (10),

and the rest will be revealed Thursday/Oct 8th (another 10), and Friday/October 9th (the final 10).

So I hope you all enjoy these vector made fitted caps and treat them as the eye candy they are. I had

a good time creating all of these and the presentation that goes with them. Share your thoughts,

suggestions and any other ideas you guys n' girls may have. So in no particular order, here's the

first round of OrdinarieO© Aesthetic O'Caps. Enjoy!

OrdinarieO© on Tumbr / Instagram






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These are extremely impressive in all areas: concept, presentation, and execution. I checked out your tumblr page and saw a couple of the logos under the OrdinarieO© typeface; that Blues logo is really cool. Some of the logos you've created are better than their represented team's actual primaries (i.e. Los Angeles, and Carolina).

Great work all around!

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Thanks for all the love guys! I really appreciate it. Hopefully you guys like what you see overall, and also I

hope you guys with specific teams you like enjoy the "look" of your team(s) with my take on their actual logos

with a minimalistic flare. I wanted each team to be represented well and in a clever fashion. And with the

feedback I've gotten so far from you guys, I think I achieved just that.

So whats next? More! As the season goes on, I'll debut more custom, non traditional colorways as you may

see on sites such as ECap City and Hat Club. I think those will be fun to do. Also, I'll be doing custom/fantasy

side patches for certain teams as players reach certain milestones or achievements during the season. I won't

be able to keep up with every team and their players, but I'll try and keep it pretty even as far as teams getting

special edition looks.

I've seen a few of you ask about AHL teams... I may get around to doing those someday. Maybe I'll

debut one every once in a while to switch it up and take a break from the NHL, you know.

Well that's it for now. I'll see you guys around the forum and talk to y'all later! And make sure you follow

OrdinarieO© on Tumblr & Instagram if you have those social platforms to stay up to date on the fitteds that debut!

- TheArtfulJB

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