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League du Nord redux [Finished!]


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Last year, I posted a soccer series called League du Nord. It was a fun series to create. (The images are now at my Behance site, due to some server movement.)

Well, I've gotten a little bit bored (and I'm avoiding housework, as usual), so I've decided to revisit the series. The league logo was a bit plain, so I decided to spice it up a bit.


Yup, that's right, you're seeing three divisions represented in those badges. The original series was a single league of eighteen teams, but I'm going to expand it. I haven't worked on any new teams as of yet, but I'm hoping to have most of it done by the end of the year, as time allows.

I've also worked on the team presentation template.

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Thanks for the tip, kerlonmoura; the shading was there but wasn't showing properly showing on the dark shorts/socks. I ended up taking a bunch of time today cleaning up shading while transferring a bunch of the original teams to the new setup.

Speaking of, here are the first three. I'm going to try and post three a day, at least through the first division; that may slow down once I get into the new design phase.

Albert Lea


No real changes here, just application of the new league badge and numbers.

Bemidji Forest


Likewise not much here, though I did some cleanup of the plaid pattern that I noticed in the teaser I'd posted earlier.



This is the first instance where I decided to make a major change. The highlighter orange/peach/whatever change kit wasn't doing it for me. I based a new design off of the blue flag (or "courtesy flag") in racing, which basically tells slower drivers to get out of the way of faster traffic. Seemed like a good sentiment for a team.

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I love these kits! I do have one question though. Why the French name for a league in Minnesota? Is there a bigger population of French speakers in MN or something?

The state motto is L'Etoile du Nord; yes, it's in French. Translated, it's Star of the North.

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Round two:

Brooklyn United


Nothing new here.



Big changes here. I was never sure of this before, especially given the feedback of a friend who lives in Duluth. I decided to keep this team and its badge, but clear the way for another Duluth-based team. (Hey, Tim, if you're reading this: just you wait. I've got something coming for you.)

Changed the kit colors to be blue and green, while the change is now all white. I kept the same central vertical stripe motif.

Fergus Falls


No changes here. I thought about adding more detail to the otters on the badge, but eventually decided against it.

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I think the league name needs some tweaking. Right I get that the state motto is in French, but there isn't a strong influence of France in Minnesota. You could probably go with just "the northern league" which is what league du nord translates to, but it sounds cleaner

I disagree. League du Nord is far more interesting and ties in nicely with the state motto. I would argue it's a much better option than the Northern League.

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Yeah, what nas said. Northern League doesn't really say Minnesota specifically, while making a play on the state motto makes it more relevant.

Here are the next three teams. I didn't make changes to any of them.

The Fort


Grand Forks


Iron Range


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I've figured out what the new teams will be, pending any changes of my mind. You'll have to wait and see. :D

We continue through the original teams...

Little Canada


No changes here.

Morningside Village


This is still one of my favorites in the original set. The only small change I made was to add the M/light insignia from the train on the badge below the back collar.

SV New Ulm 1899


Still really German in New Ulm. Only change I made was to add a middle stripe to the back that ends below the number/name area.

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