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New Kentucky Logo


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1 hour ago, Broken Record said:

Yeah. It's crazy obvious. You would think that UK would be especially careful about these things after that penis in the wildcat's mouth debacle.


That was Kansas and Kansas State, not Kentucky.

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The interlocking UK is an upgrade.


That secondary looks like it came from a stock site, just overall very poorly and amateurishly rendered. The eye area and head position looks terrible. Very high school esque.


Hard to understand how a big name school like Kentucky can let something like that slide.

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8 hours ago, Broken Record said:

This is the Kentucky penis. Did Kansas and Kansas St. have one too? uklogo.jpg

The classy band members at K-State had a formation where the band formed a Jayhawk and a "rocket ship" going into said Jayhawks mouth. It wasn't a logo.

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