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2003 nhl all-star jerseys


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Thought I'd bring this over so we don't have to go slummin' in the old board to talk about it...

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

Personally, I kinda like the Eastern Conference ones in their simplicity.  The Western Conference ones are identical to last year's North American jerseys.  Can't wait until 2004 when the jerseys are up for a complete redesign, they've been doing that every two years.

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If it was up to me, I'd lose the stars on the left hip area. It's difficult to see and doesn't really add anything to the jerseys.  In fact, it sort of roller hockeys it a bit.  I'm with Shark - get rid of the square neck on the Eastern Conference ones.  Otherwise, they're tolerable.

Think of it this way: if you don't like it, wait a year and they'll be changed again anyway.

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  • 3 years later...
Could you have necroed much more of a dead thread?

who said it was dead? I don't see a lock on it.

Threads have a shelf life of about a month, tops. Bringing one back after three and a half years is hilarious. What a doofus.

Well some threads live on & on.

But then most of those have new relevant info--as pointed out above.

And then again--here we are keeping it alive.

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I actually own an authentic version of this jersey (you can see part of it in my sig). I want to get it personalized but at this point I don't know who could possibly do that since it's a few years old and not common.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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