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Players in Rare jerseys


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Not sure what to call this topic, but what I mean is to post pictures of players in teams that they didn't play that long for, or who they got drafted by and so one and so forth. Here's some that I found:

Eric Lindros with Nords jersey


Randy Johnson in Astors Uni


Patrick Lalime in Penguins Uni


Michael Peca in Canucks Uni


I'm still searching for an Owen Nolan in an Avs jersey, so add ANY if you want.

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Cool idea! In fact, several years ago I was going to write an article about this subject. Never got around to it, tho...

Have a couple I'm trying to track down, but in the meantime, this one is kind of a gimmie:


More soon, I hope! Keep it rollin' fellas!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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