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My 1000th Post...Green Is Finally Here


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+POST 1000+

Hey guys. Finally, my 1000th post is here. I'm making the most of it. First of all, the whole idea of my screen name Against All Odds, was that I was using MS Paint, therefore it was against all odds for me to compete with and win against the other guys involved with these boards with the better programs and experience with the computer as an art tool. Against all odds, I was able to pull it off, somehow, versus the tough competition out here.

But now its time to move on. Time to get into the real world and begin using the better programs out there. Got my hands on Illustrator and Photoshop, and now i can't stay away from them, trying to excel in them as much as possible. Reach the level of the other greats out there. With the removal of Bluemoon Innovation, I present to you, Virtuoso Design Studios -


Virtuoso (ver choo OH so) - n. pl. - a tremendously skilled artist.

In no way is it to boast or brag, I just felt it was an awesome name to use for a design group. I actually learned the word studying for my SATs in the past few weeks. I will post different variations i had in mind for the identity soon.

And now members of the CCSLC, i present to you, the first piece of work straight out of Virtuoso's kitchen - The Virginia Avengers -



I know it's not perfect as I am still trying to excel in my skills in these new programs.

Comments, critique, anything you have to say is welcomed.

But be on the lookout for more from Virtuoso Design-- and my new screenname.

GREEN is here. End of post 1000.

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Yeah, I would wonder if you are trying to brag about your talent. But I agree that the name is cool, so you convinced me.

As for the Avengers logo ............. SWEET! The unis are really good, too.

Don't want to start trouble, but I would love to see hockey jerseys of these, too. I agree that the logo lends itself to hockey very well.

Great job all around.

Detroit Dragons - 2010 ULL Gait Cup Champions

Detroit Cougars - 2010 and 2011 WAFA Wills Cup Champions

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haha nah man no bragging at all. thanks for the input, guess i should turn it into hockey. i need a vector hockey template though...

If i'm not mistaken, WiB has one. I think PMing him would be a good idea.



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AAO, that's one beutiful concept. It works perfect for football. Great work.

I'd persoanlly like to see that tertiary logo used on a silver helmet instead of the eagle head on the blue helmet. But that's merely out of curiosity.

Again, great work.

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I tell ya what, green is finally here and it is good. i remember your early days here vividly, and that's f'in progress if i do say so myself :)


A strong mind gets high off success, a weak mind gets high off bull🤬

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I'm extremely impressed. I was keeping an eye on you back in your early MS paint days because I knew you could evolve into a really great artist, given time and tools. Damn. That Avengers stuff is sweet. I don't like how Virginia is barely there or the twist on the Avengers text all that much. I think an arching where the A and S are big and everything is arching with no vertical or horizontal twist would be badass. Does that description make sense. The font for Avengers is alright.

As for your personal logo, the thing I don't like is the blue spikey balls. Looks like they're trying to keep everything out and it's kind of agressive, but not in a really good way. Just my opinion. I think you should just go with the V logo by itself, which would also lend itself easier to buisness cards, avatars, watermarks, etc. because it is compact. Nice work.

The blue spikey balls would work very well, however, in a web layout. Kind of like your sig. Each spike points to a different section, the V in the center.

Congratulations on a job very well done.

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