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How Many Jerseys Do you Own?  

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Thanks to all who responded, it appears we have some serious jersey collectors.

Breaking down my collection, all authentics or Mitchell & Ness:


Orioles #5 1966 Road B. Robinson (M&N)

Orioles #25 2004 Home Palmeiro

At least a dozen different authentic Ripken jerseys spanning his whole career - my favorites 1983 Home (M&N) and 1993 All Star Black alternate

Astros #34 Home (M&N) - Ryan

Angels #30 Home (M&N) - Ryan

Red Sox #9 1939 Home (M&N) - Williams

Yankees #4 1939 Home (M&N) - Gehrig

Yankees #13 2004 Home & Away - ARod

Texas #3 2003 Home & Blue Alternate - ARod

Seattle #3 1996 Away _ ARod

NY Knights 1939 Home - Hobbs "The Natural"


Colts #19 Home (M&N) - Unitas

Packers # 66 Away (M&N) - Nitschke

Vikings #10 Home (M&N) - Tarkenton

Redskins #70 Home (M&N) - Huff

Redskins #44 Home - Riggins

Raiders #75 Home - Long

Dolphins # 13 Home - Marino

49ers #16 Home - Montana

Notre Dame #3 Home (Adidas) - Montana


Celtics #33 Home (M&N) - Bird

Indiana State #33 Home - Bird

UCLA #32 (Adidas) Home - Walton


Oilers #99 Away - Gretzky - another favorite, with fight strap and two CCM logos

Rangers #99 Away - Gretzky

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My collection is mostly football (soccer, whatever) with:

1X 2002 Hibernian FC Home (Green with white sleeves and white trim. Team badge on right side. Carlsberg is shirt sponsors).

2X 2003 Hibernian FC Away (Yellow with green trim. Badge center below neck. Carlsberg is shirt sponsors).

2X 2003 Scotland National Team Away (Blue with white trim and shoulder 'spikes'. Scotland logo on right breast. Diadora on left breast).

2X 2003 Mancheter United Home (Red with black trim and black side vents. Team logo on right breast. Vodafone is shirt sponsor).

1X 2002 Toronto Maple Leafs Home (White with blue trim. TML crest on shoulder).

1X 1998 Ottawa Senators Alternate (Red with forward looking figure on team logo).

1X 2002 Canada Olympic Hockey Jersey Home (White with red and black trim).

The Scotland National jersey is the one I were the most (gets the most attention I find), with my away and home Hibernian shirts as close second and third.




Thanks go to Eddie010 for the Signature and Avatar. Nice work, mate!

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I voted "21-50" but I must say that I own 10 baseball jerseys, two NHLs jerseys and approximately 30 soccer jerseys.

My favs are the current home jerseys of the Red Sox and SF Giants and the current Detroit Tigers' road jersey.

Among the soccer jerseys my favs are the Swiss National Team, the Argentinian National Team, Peñarol (Uruguay), Internazionale Milano (Italy) and Olimpia (Paraguay).


It's great to be young and a Giant! - Larry Doyle

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How can I possibly pick a favorite when I've got

1) A team issue Pro Weight Manitoba Moose with my name on it

2) An authentic 1988 Brent Fullwood

3) A promo jersey for 'Sudden Death' with Van Damme #1 on the back???!?!

The Official Cheese-Filled Snack of NASCAR

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I'll start with the ones I don't wear anymore :D

1) Jamal Anderson Pre-2003 Atlanta Falcons Replica

2) Warrick Dunn Tampa Bay Bucs Replica

3) Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners Authentic

And now the ones I wear regularly

3) Emmit Smith Double-star Replica {The stars are stitched in}

5) Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons Home Jersey Replica

6) Jerry Rice Oakland Raiders EQT {My second favorite jersey}

7) "Pistol" Pete Maravich Throwback {My favorite jersey}

8) Shareef Abdur Rahim HWCL Swingman

9) Shareef Abdur Rahim 1974 Rewind Swingman



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How about those Hockey Night In Canada jersey's the cCBC is selling? I'm not a fan of the logo, but the shirt itself looks very nice. At $110.00 CAN I'm not sure if it's worth it, though.




Thanks go to Eddie010 for the Signature and Avatar. Nice work, mate!

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the Discrimihater in my name is sort of for He Hate Me. Sadly, I don't have his jersey :D

I do however have a Payton jersey. I guess I should have just let it airdry, cus the front number's half faded now :cry:

For a compromise, you could just get a "Smart, 32" Panthers jersey made. Not being sarcastic, just an idea.

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Wow. ICS is as big a homer as I am!

NCFA Sunset Beach Tech - Octopi




Going to college gets you closer to the real world, kind of like climbing a tree gets you closer to the moon.

"...a nice illustration of what you get when skill, talent, and precedent are deducted from 'creativity.' " - James Howard Kunstler

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Cool topic/survey. Currently, I'm in the 21-50 range. If I had more time, more room and more money, I'd be closer to 50 than 21. But anyway, here's my list as of 1/4/05:



1956 Portland Beavers (PCL) home - Ebbets Field Flannels auth/rep - Custom #27 on back


1992 USA Olympics home - Champion replica - #15 Magic Johnson

1996/97 Houston Rockets (NBA) road - Champion replica - #22 Clyde Drexler


1998 Portland Forest Dragons (Arena) home - No Fear replica - #30 Brian Greene

1999 Portland Forest Dragons (Arena) home - unknown replica - #17

2000 Portland Prowlers (IPFL) home - unknown replica - #4 Erik Wilhelm

2002 Miami Dolphins (NFL) teal - Reebok replica - #86 Oronde Gadsden

2004 Oregon State University (NCAA) orange alt - Nike replica - #28 Mike Haas


1991/92 Boston Bruins (NHL) retro - CCM replica - NO# with 75th patch

1993(?) Portland Rosebuds (WCHL) retro - CCM replica - NO#, circa 1926 notation

1971/72 Portland Buckaroos (WHL) road - Jock Shop replica - NO#

1967/68 Portland Buckaroos (WHL) home - Ebbets Field Flannels auth/rep - #2

1994 Portland Rage (RHI) road - CCM Auth (GI?) - NO#

1999/2000 Portland Winter Hawks home - Nike replica - NO#




1986/87 New Market Saints home Jim Benning

1996/97 Springfield Falcons home Nolan Pratt

2000/01 Hamilton Bulldogs road Todd Robinson

2000/01 Louisville Panthers home Joey Tetarenko

2001/02 Utah Grizzlies road Marty Standish


1996/97 Wheeling Thunderbirds home John Badduke

1997/98 Huntington Blizzard road Jake Deadmarsh

2000/01 Pee Dee Pride road Kevin Haupt


1988/89 Saginaw Hawks road Jim Playfair

1999/2000 Orlando Solar Bears home Scott Langkow


1992/93 Washington Capitals road Steve Konowalchuk

1995/96 Los Angeles Kings home Byron Dafoe

1998/99 Calgary Flames alt Jason Wiemer

1998/99 Nashville Predators road Bobby Russell

1999/2000 New York Islanders home Dave Scatchard

1999/2000 Pittsburgh Penguins home Andrew Ference

2000/01 Dallas Stars road Brenden Morrow

2000/01 New York Rangers road Jason LaBarbera


1986/87/88 Portland Winter Hawks home Scott Melnyk

1995/96 Portland Winter Hawks road Matt Davidson w/20th Anniversary patch

1997/98 Portland Winter Hawks home Derek MacLean w/Memorial Cup patch

1999/2000 Portland Winter Hawks home Kevin Young

2000/01 Portland Winter Hawks alt Travis Mitchell

2001/02/03 Portland Winter Hawks alt Krister Toews

Now... If you're still reading this, which one is my favorite? That's just plain impossible. I'm very partial to my Portland jerseys, and the Konowalchuk and Badduke gamers. The newest jersey to my collection is the OSU orange jersey. And of course, the new ones are always close to the top of the list! :P


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