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Good grief.

Let dead things lie.

They need this season to be killed off in order to fix the damn game.

Speaking of which, IF they restart, howsabout no one go to the first few games? Pretend as if it's still a cancelled season.

Let the NHL know we won't stand for this :censored:.

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*shakes head* if they end up with an agreement and play within a month, then this labour situation has become a bigger farce. When Bettman "cancelled" the season on Wednesday that should have been it. He put forth a deadline, it came and went without a deal. The players are the ones that refused the last-minute deal and they should face the consequence of a lost season. If they are doing any negotiating now, it should be for next season.

*yawn* wake me up when it's over...

ZZZ... ZZZ... ZZZ...

*prepares bullhorn* ^_^

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Wow, damage has been done but getting the season going, even if it's just a 30 team tournament, would control a little of it.

I have a question, even the owners in 94-95 went behind Bettmans back and got a deal done how did he stay commissioner? Let's hope if a deal gets done tomorrow that Bettman will no longer be commish and the get a hockey person in to run the sport.

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The way The Hockey News is implying things, this new "agreement in principle" (which the PA is denying) was spearheaded by Gretzky and Lemieux. Hmm. Fire Bettman and Goodenow and give these guys the jobs in a few years? Even though they're both involved in the owner aspect of the game, I'm sure they could really achieve great things if they led the NHL. Just a far-out thought, but you never know...

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Why would Bettman be fired? He did exactly what his bosses told him to do. It also looks like in the end, if this happens, he got them exactly what they wanted.

Goodenow, on the other hand, did absolutely nothing for the players. In the end the players get exactly what they didn't want, look bad to the public, and lost 5 months worth of NHL salaries.

Plus, according to Bettman's news conference the other day, the NHL has a new set of rules ready for the season to start. If they happen to work, make the game more interesting, and draw more fans than expected post lock out. he's a champ.

Bettman is in a position to save/keep his job, Goodenow/Saskin/Linden are absolutely done if there is a settlement now.

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Betteman is ruining the sport, that is why.

He should not be in charge of the NHL. Maybe the Wendy's on Rt. 611, but not the NHL.

I don't think he should be in charge either but in reality the owners love him so he'll stay -- just like the mlb owners love bud selig so he'll stay (who, btw, is doing a pretty good job, compared to how he is portrayed as doing)

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