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2005 NBA Awards


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Tank's Hawks Prediction: 13-69

2004-05 Atlanta Hawks: 13-69

DEAD ON, TANK!!!!!!!! :lol:

Yeah, but look at all the predictions he missed terribly :D

But he did nail the records for Cleveland, Houston and was really close on Miami, Denver, and Memphis. Oh, the Clippers finished ahead of the Lakers :woot:

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Here's my picks.

Coach of the Year -- Rick Carlisle of the Indiana Pacers. No team in the NBA went through nearly as much as the Pacers. They've had the most different starting rosters in the NBA and most thought the brawl in Detroit would spell the end of Indianas playoff hopes -- and at times, it looked like it would.

Most Improved Player -- Bobby Simmons of the Los Angeles Clippers. He's turned from a journeyman into a solid all around player.

Sixth Man of the Year -- Tough choice between Ben Gordon and Ricky Davis. But I'm going with Ben Gordon. The guy has been one of the best fourth courter scorers in the NBA -- he's been absolutely amazing off the bench. In fact, I'm still questioning why he's coming off of the bench! Though I do think that Earl Boykins should get consideration.

Rookie of the Year -- toss up between Okafor and Gordon. Since I'm a UConn fan -- I wouldn't mind splitting the award. :D

Defensive Player of the Year -- Marcus Camby. #2 in Blocks per game to Andre Kirilenko (who missed too much time to get the award), #1 in Total Blocks (199) despite playing only 66 games. #1 in blocks per 48 minutes. #2 in defensive rebounds per 48 minutes. And only #8 in Defensive Rebounds per game in just 66 games. Too bad he won't get the recognition he deserves because he plays in Denver.

MVP -- Shaq. I don't like the man as a player. But he deserves it. Nash has had the addition of Q to help him and the Suns. The Heat are nothing without Shaq. Dwayne Wade is a good player, but he's helped dramatically by the presence of Shaq, and isn't capable of carrying that Heat team to the playoffs without Shaq.

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2004-05 NBA Awards

MVP - Shaquille O'Neal

Def. player of the Year - Ben Wallace

Rookie of the Year - Ben Gordon

6th Man - Ricky Davis

Most Improved - don't care

Coach of the Year - George Karl

NBA All First Team

C - Shaquille O'Neal

F - Tim Duncan

F - Dirk Nowitzki

G - Allen Iverson

G - LeBron James

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MVP: Steve Nash

Most Improved Player: Shawn Marion

Defensive Player of the Year: Ben Wallace

Rookie of the Year: Ben Gordon

Coach of the Year: Mike Diantoni

Executive of the Year: Brian Colangelo


Center- Shaquill O'Neal

Guard- Steve Nash

Forward- Tim Duncan

Forward- Amare Stoudamire

Guard- Lebron James

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MVP: Nash

6th Man:Earl Boykins

Defensive Player of the Year:Ben Wallace

Coach:Mike Diantoni

Rookie of the Year:Okafor

1st Team






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Most Valuable Player Shaquille O'Neal

Rookie of the Year Emeka Okafor

6th Man Ben Gordon

Defensive Player of the Year Larry Hughes

Most Improved Player Dan Dickau

Coach of the Year Scott Skiles

All NBA 1st Team

Center - Shaquille O'Neal

Forward - Tim Duncan

Forward - Kevin Garnett

Guard - Lebron James

Guard - Steve Nash

All NBA 2nd Team

Center - Yao Ming

Forward - Amare Stoudemire

Forward - Dirk Nowitzki

Guard - Tracy McGrady

Guard - Dwyane Wade

All NBA 3rd Team

Center - Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Forward - Shawn Marion

Forward - Vince Carter

Guard - Ray Allen

Guard - Allen Iverson

All NBA Defensive 1st Team

Center - Marcus Camby

Forward - Ben Wallace

Forward - Tim Duncan

Guard - Larry Hughes

Guard - Allen Iverson

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