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Oakland Terror Fantasy Concept


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When I first saw "terror", I thought of something totally different from what you have here. The grim reaper and his scythe wasn't what I expected to see at all. But after looking at it with the wordmark, I think it works alright. The first thing that pops into my head though is Raiders.

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The secondary logo throws me off a bit. I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to be.

The primary logo looks excellent. I was wondering how it would look if you shortened and curved the scythe a bit and perhaps added some "bone" breaks in his fingers where the joints would be. I know it's just hands, but I think it'd make it look that much more intimidating.

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A few things....

I agree about the bone detail on the hands of the reaper. If his face is the front of a skull, indicating he's likely a skeleton, then skeleton hands would match up nicely.

The handle/shaft looks too thick to me, particularly up by the blade. If it's made a consistent size, it'd look good.

The blade is quite large, as well. Maybe make the blade thinner, but keep the length the same. It seems that without any musculature, Death would have a very hard time swinging that big sumbitch.

All that being said, I think this logo is pretty awesome. I, too, am not sure what the secondary logo is supposed to be (beyond an "O"), but if you were going for the Omega/end theme there, that's terrific work. Even if you weren't, it's still sweet. Good job.

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