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Fantasy Hockey Concept


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Just wanted to get this one up and out here as well....

It's for my MLH expansion team that starts play this coming season...

Yes, I did go with the brighter athletic gold over a vegas gold in this..and there's a reason behind it...that being teams that represented New Haven never went with vegas gold as a primary color (the Blades wore red & blue, Nighthawks went from blue & orange to blue & gold to red & blue, to black & silver....the Beast had a traffic sign yellow (as in flourescent..it wasn't pretty :lol: ) to go with blue & red. The NH Sens (only in town for a year) just copied the parent club logo and unis (mostly black & red...there was some metallic gold, but just on the circle around the Sen and on the Sen's helmet...)...

With that little bit of history in the background, now ya know why I didn't even consider a metallic gold color in this concept....

Anyways...here's what I got..C&C is appreciated...


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Excellent, excellent work! Not only are they very tasteful, they actually look like real, old-fashioned HOCKEY UNIFORMS! You didn't have to go with kooky cartoon mascots and god-awful colors and illegible striping patterns. If only the "professional" designers would have as much taste as you.


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I might suggest is to leave the name off when putting the logo on the jerseys, but that's just my own peeve. Though, if you leave the name off, it would probably be best to make the plane take up more room in the circle, rather than leaving a bunch of white space at the bottom of the circle. In fact, it might be best to move the wordmark outside the circle entirely when displaying it with the plane, and have the plane take up that bigger space in the circle.

I know the wing should be angled a bit, but the shading makes the wing look almost broken. (I'm not sure how you'd fix that properly, mind you.)

Also, the city and name in the wordmark are at two different angles, and it looks strange, plus it seems odd to introduce a completely different typeface on the shoulder logo.

All in all, I'd say you've got a great concept and a good start, just needs some cleaning up. Nice job!

(Oh, and... Yes, yes, bulldog, we know, you want all designs to revert twenty or thirty years...)

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Great work!

The only thing that doesn't sit right is the straight blue/navy blue together in the logo. you should bump down the saturation in the straight blue and make the two shades more distinguishable, eh.

Other than that, awesome job!

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