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Steelers go NASCAR!


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good god, my man that's an excellent render!

what rendering program are you using? i gotta get my hands on that one.

the concept is cool. NFL shop has done the crossovers w/o NASCAR, and 88 is a Ford, but otherwise very nice work. 88 is a special no for the Steelers, so that part kinda makes sense.

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I found that Devils car, I am working in Photoshop on another car right now so I will render it later.

Yeah, it give you guys a clue on the render, I have to create an extra couple files to go with the car, a bump map, and a reflection map, then I load everything in the saved max file, change the things like the "puck" camera on the roof colors etc, then click render, it takes an Average of 11 minutes per render, so 22 minutes for the two pictures I showed off :shocked:

Here is some other cars I have done that are not sports related

Gain Dodge Charger

Marlboro Chevy Monte Carlo

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You did an excellent job. But you put the #88 on a GD Chevy. Why don't you do one using the new 2006 Ford Fusion as your template. That's going to be a kicka** car next year. You can get several views of a Fusion in NASCAR trim at www.blueovalnews.com and scroll down to "2006 NASCAR Ford Fusion photo gallery."

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