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dose.ca Rates NFL Uniforms


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But some of them are funny--I do like this one-

NFC South: Carolina Panthers

Did you ever make up your own NFL teams when you were a kid and populate them with your fave players and call them the Spokane Spartans or the Wichita Gnarly Wombats or whatever? Inevitably you'd design their uniforms and helmets (admit it, you know you did). Anything you came up with back then looked a million times better than what the Carolina Panthers came up with.

and this one-

Anytime you have an excuse to incorporate cheese into a sports logo, you do it mister.

I don't agree with all of them, but I laughed--and hey, I think that was their point...

The writer could be one of us...

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The reviews were juvenile because that was the point! It was supposed to be sarcastic and funny opinion piece a la something from EW, not a nerd-pleasing, incredibly detailed critique of sports uniforms.

I just can't believe they liked those crappy Buffalo rags. Icky.

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Whether this was intentional comedy or pure ignorance, I think it was funny as hell. Stop taking it so seriously, it's football. Have some fun. I love the "Skins" summary:

Would people be more upset if it was Whiteskins, Yellowskins, or Blackskins? Probably. Blatant racism aside, we love maroon.
Sorry, but that's funny.
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Evidence of ignorance: "Tampa Bay Devil Rays? Teal fish."

The D-Rays do NOT, nor have EVER worn Teal. Or anything like it.

No, Tampa Bay chose the other big color combination at the time, anything and black.

I thought the whole thing was pretty tongue in cheek. It had a moment or two but overall the humor was pretty weak. :D

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