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New England Patriots Concept


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I've always liked the Patriots of the 80's, and it seems there are people out there who dislike the Patriots red jerseys because of the Red Coats. Well I decided to merge the old and the new. The template is mine that I started in PSP, and may one day transfer it over to Illustrator when I get time.


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Nice stuff, linking the past and present.

My only suggestion would be design consistency. It's a great design but there are discrepancies that should be addressed.

EXAMPLE 1: Make the UCLA-style stripes match on the 2 jerseys. The white jersey has white/red/white stripes that are thicker than the navy/silver/red/silver/navy stripes on the blue jersey.

EXAMPLE 2: Pants stripes have the same issues as the shoulder stripes.

EXAMPLE 3: Uniform numbers don't match. The navy jersey has white numbers, outlined in red. The white jersey has navy numbers, outlined in silver, outlined in red. I know the Pats do it like this now; this is the chance to correct their oversight.

Also... how did you do the helmet stripes? I can make out 3 stripes on #76's helmet - is this half of a 5-stripe pattern, or are you doing 3 asymmetrical stripes? 5 stripes are a lot on this helmet, with its horizontally-oriented logo.

Again, nice work - but it could use some tightening up.

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This is really cool. Mixed with the new and old. I'm having flashbacks of Grogan and Tippett. I agree about the stripes on the helmet. It doesn't go with the Flying Elvis logo. It'd look better if it's the Pat the Patriot logo on the helmet instead.

Any chance you can re-design the Pat the Patriot logo? Pretty please? Modernize it like the way they did with the Falcons and Cardinals logo?

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Okay after everyone's suggestions I messed around with this and tried some new things. I ditched the helmet stripes as I was never sold on them, tried to have continuity between home and road stripes, etc. I tried silver outlines to the red on the blue jerseys and pants and the silver got lost between the red and white, so I flipped the silver and red and it looks better. I don't know if I'm totally sold on it yet. I have other concepts on the way soon!


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