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What if UK Premiership Soccer


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I was just reading some of the past post about MLS teams in regards to the team names and identities having a more European angle. So I started wondering what some of the European teams might seem like if they were more like our teams.

I took some of the English Premiership League teams, streamlined their team colors (since their home and away kits often look nothing alike) and dubbed them with nicknames that many of their fans called them anyway. I had to change some of the nicknames just so somebody could place a logo with the identity (more North American) and beacause a couple of their fans unofficial nicknames were rather rude. This is what I have so for, with logo concepts coming later.

Manchester Red Devils (Red & Black)

Arsenal Gunners (Maroon & Gold)

West Ham Hammerheads (Purple & Aqua)

Tottenham Spurs (Royal Blue & Vegas Gold)

Blackburn Rovers (Black & Burnt Red)

New Castle Magpies (Black, Teal, & Silver)

Bolton Wanderers (Blue & Red)

Chelsea Blues (Navy, Sky Blue & Gold)

Aston Villa Villans (Cobalt & Green)

Liverpool Reds (Scarlett & Sky Blue)

Sunderland Panthers (Black & Red)

Fulham Spitfires (Red, Green, & Black)

Everton Dreadnaughts (Silver, Black, & Blue)

Carlton Robins (Blood Red & Black)

Birmingham Thunderbolts (Blue & Silver)

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Sunderland would be the Black Cats

West Ham United is the HAMMERS

You didn't even spell CHARLTON right - and they are the Addicks

Fulham is the Cottagers

Everton is the Toffees

Birmingham will NEVER be the thunderbolts (you can't take a nickname from an XFL team for one of the oldest football clubs in the world)

You missed the Latics (Wigan Athletic) and the Baggies (West Bromwich Albion), not to mention Manchester City (again, the Blues as are Chelski and Birmingham).

Arsenal's colours are NOT "Maroon and Gold" Officially they are Red and White. They are wearing Maroon (actually Redcurrant) and Gold this season as a commemoration to their final season playing at the stadium at Highbury.

Man United is not Red and Black, they too are Red and White. West Ham is Maroon and Sky Blue; Tottenham is White and Navy; Blackburn is Royal Blue, White and Red; Newcastle (NOT New Castle) is JUST Black and White (hence why they are even CALLED the magpies); Bolton is just navy blue and white; Chelsea is royal blue and white, the gold is for their centennary season only; Aston Villa is Red and Sky Blue; Liverpool is Red and White, mostly red; Sunderland is Red and White with Black; Fulham is traditionally Black and White; Everton is Royal Blue and White; CHARLTON is White and Red; and Birmingham is Royal Blue.

Never ever ever ever ever should the FA Premiership or any other UK football club, or any European football club for that matter, have any nickname officially incorporated into the club's name or crest - you cannot, absolutely CANNOT touch the FAPL - it's been around since 1878 and hasn't changed much since - clubs from then are still around in the Premiership. Please do not try and change what has been so good for so long - that is the beauty of the FA, its tradition and heritage. MLS has only been around 10 years, the FA has been around for nearly 150 years. The FA would NEVER ever try to imitate MLS, and MLS is TRYING to look more European on purpose, to show the rest of the world that American soccer is legitimate and better competition than it was 10 years ago. If you are going to do these concepts, then please, use the ACTUAL club crests, the ACTUAL Club NAMES and OFFICIAL colours. Look them up here: www.premierleague.com

As for the MLS European concepts, I was the one who did them because I appreciate the heritage and tradition of European football so much more than the US game. English soccer is above and beyond superior in play and style to American soccer - anyone who knows anything about the game will understand that.

I apologize for the harshness of this post, but I do feel strongly about this, and I am very passionate about the sport of soccer and English club football in particular. Anyway, please keep all I have said in mind if you should continue to make these concepts.

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Right on, Gordo.

As clever as the idea is, it's absolute rubbish. People need to stop Americanizing a sport that just isn't ours. The American sporting society (of which I, of no choice of my own, am regrettably a part of), needs to take their heads out of their asses and understand that some things are best left as they are, that TV and League execs need to back off of sports and stop trying to custom fit the sport in order to get ratings.

This goes along with the "FC" post that someone made, that MLS teams shouldn't use the term "Football" because it's a European term and "this is America".

That's why the popularity of soccer and hockey will always be stifled here -- neither sport is American, so why should we care?

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Liverpool is Red and White, mostly red;

It'd be all red if most of us got our way. The white numbers and sponsor are merely for TV viewers ^_^

West Ham are also called The Irons which would make a better nickname if you had to give them one.

Villa are claret and blue as well though I think Gordie. Its a darker shade than just "red".

He missed Portsmouth but no-one can figure out what their colours are.... Royal Blue, White, Red, Yellow.... :D Their current kit is a mess!

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oh poor Pompey - I can't believe I forgot them. i believe their true colours are blue and white with gold accents

my point remains the same though, the FAPL cannot be touched - it's just a sacrilege to do so.

Good point about the Irons, and about Villa - i couldn't think of the actual name of the colour when i wrote the post, but i know it's darker than red but not maroon, so thanks Jon

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Never ever ever ever ever should the FA Premiership or any other UK football club, or any European football club for that matter, have any nickname officially incorporated into the club's name or crest -

i'm assumign you mean an actual text nickname, because so many have graphic icons of their nicknames in their crest.

I would chill. He wasn't saying "It should be like this..." just that "I was wondering what it'd be like if..."

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There are some Budweiser ads in the last few months issues of FourFourTwo magazine that make jokes about Americanizing EPL teams.

They make up American-style logos and names for some teams, like the Wigan A's for Wigan Athletic. It was pretty creative. Wish I still had the ads.

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I think you should. If the others don't want to see don't click on the thread. In all the posts about the FA Premiership and its tradition well we on this side of the pond don't have jerseys with corparate logos bigger that the team logo. Were is the outrage in that. This is a fun site so get off the high horse and let people have fun.

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