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Doritos gets new look


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i noticed that last time I went to Target, and the new bags were right next to the now old ones. sort of a downgrade, but as long as they don't screw with the taste I'm good (case in point Cocoa Puffs...they napalmed the taste to the point where i can't eat that :censored: no more and say it's good. you couldn't pay me.)


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yep now the kinds are

Cool Ranch (was cooler ranch)

Spicy Nacho (was spicier nacho)

Nacho Cheese (was nacho cheesier)

I like the change.

Of course, the chips were ORIGINALLY called Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese before Frito Lay changed them to the more "extreme" names in the mid-90's - so, it's not like it's some huge revolution. I thought Nacho Cheesier was funny enough, but Cooler Ranch sounds like something your dad would say in a horrible attempt to trying to impress your friends. "No, boys, I got to a cooler ranch than all those other dads."


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