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Redesigning the National Hockey League


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Here's what the almost finished template looks like. I did it in Inkscape, if anyone wants to test drive this bad boy PM me your email address and i'll send it out as soon as possible.


Tried to do my own but with now luck. Can you email me one once you finsh them? Cheers.


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And here's the Flames, I ditched the black because I personally think it makes their uniforms look tacky and I was always a fan of the Atlanta-Era jerseys.


C&C As Always..

Awesome work. Gives the flames a modern look while still being traditional. Good job.

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here's my version of the Canadiens, i tried to make the white look as classic as possible with the new template. for the home reds, i put the classic stripe wherever possible. if you're wondering why there is no stripe on the back, well thats because the entire back of the jersey is mesh and of course the rocket scientists at RBK have determined it impossible to color mesh. michael jackson can change the color of his skin with no problem, but Reebok cant change the color of a fabric. hmm.


C&C accepted as always..

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So basically, every team is going to copy the sabres idea of putting the number on the right side of the chest?

this new style is likely to last half a season before fans start to snap at the teams merchandising by not buying the new jersies because it kills tradition for some teams and makes the entire NHL look ****** uniform and every team loses its identity.

Congrats to the NHL for becoming 100% corporate and selling out completely.

Ive heard the rumour about 2 alts as well. I think they should go back to white at home. Just my opinion.

Originally, the dark jersies were worn at home and the whites worn away. So right now, its how it should be, before with the white at home, that wasn't the true NHL way of the past.

I like the dark jersies at home, plus it was also a marketing excuse because the dark jersies sell more than the white ones (mostly cuz white jersies go sorta yellow after time while the colours dont, just my personal thoughts on that tidbit).

I like that its dark at home white away, like how it was back during the original 6 days.


5x Stanley Cup Champions

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Okay, for everyone who just responds with a "Wow this is stupid I cant believe every team is doing this blah blah blah." NO ONE EVER SAID THIS WAS THE NEW LOOK FOR THE NHL. It's just a possability so i'm exploring it. Please stop complaining it's not going to change anything, for all we know nothing could change and RBK will convert all of todays designs to the new jerseys. So if all you're going to post is "The NHL sucks." don't bother, you're wasting your time. Try posting some C&C. Thank you.

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Best one thus far, IMHO, is Calgary. This is a great example that yellow and red can work. They did not need to add black. And not using the horse logo is a big plus.

Disclaimer: If this comment is about an NBA uniform from 2017-2018 or later, do not constitute a lack of acknowledgement of the corporate logo to mean anything other than "the corporate logo is terrible and makes the uniform significantly worse."



POTD (Shared)

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Speedy -

I can't PM you for whatever reasons, but I like your avatar with the bruins jerseys...how'd you do that?

I'm a NYR fan and would love to make something like that for some of my fav players from here...

Let me know!!

I'd have no problem doing that for you if you give me the names/numbers of the players as well as the type of jersey (i.e. blue, white or alt.)

You're giving me so many choices!!! I'd want the white jersey and for sure the following players:

Messier -11

Leetch - 2

Graves - 9

Richter - 35

Shanahan - 14

Sorry, forgot to add the numbers. they're added now.

dude, think you could do that sig for some Islanders players???






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