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A Shot @ fantasy football.


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Yet another fill in the template concept. Your workmark is terrible, you can't even read the letter 'F' on flight. Notice the 'F' goes the other way, cursive or not it's very bad.

Do something creative.

Suggest something

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Well Here it is:


I know that it is simple and plain but it enforces the essence of the flight simple and plain.


MSPaint-by-numbers at it's finest (that's not a good thing).

The wings on the wordmark make it very difficult to read. The wings on the helmet appear to be going backwards, make them more like Philly's helmets, so it looks like they're going forward.

I think that's a wing on the pants, it's too short, and not very "flighty" looking.

Whether you call this simplicity, or not spending a lot of time on a concept, this thing is grounded.

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You said you were going for simple here, but I think you may have gone too simple. Two colours, solid pants, contrasting yokes ... it's all been done before. There is so much more you could do -- you just have to get a little more creative.

I can't see any connection between the helmet design and the rest of the package. I realize it is supposed to be the swoosh off the F. But there is nothing about that swoosh that even remotely suggests 'flight.' Remember, you're trying to build a brand here, one that is easily recognizable by all. If someone showed me that helmet by himself, there's no way to know it has anything to do with 'flight.' You would be better served to put the airplane or some sort of variant of that on the helmet.

Speaking of 'flight,' I don't see any sort of tangible connection between flight and San Antonio. San Antonio is not a traditional centre of aviation in the U.S., or at least not that I could tell from a quick search of Wikipedia. San Antonio is not a centre of the industry, like Seattle, nor does it even have a major airport like Dallas-Fort Worth or Chicago. There are a couple of air force bases there, but it seems you're angling more towards commercial aviation by the silhouette in your logo. If you're married to the team name 'Flight,' I would suggest going with a fighter jet and something more military themed.

The numbers ... again, we've seen them before. We've seen you use them before. Show us something new ... show us your versatility. And a blue number on a blue jersey doesn't fly, no matter how thick the outline is. This illustrates the need for a third colour ... possibly a silver to set a white number off against the blue.

And just because you've found a neat font and happened to type out your team name in it, that doesn't make it a wordmark. Find wordmarks you like and tinker with them ? try to mimic those styles.

Sorry if that seems a little harsh. But like I said, there is so much more that you could do here if you spend a little time and creativity on it.

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I agree with everything that's been said, and add:

-primary logo is just a recoloring of the original NY Jets logo with a different wordmark on it. No originality at all.

Case in point:


-player name font does not work at all for anything sports related.

-numbers are kind of hard to read, with only the outline actually forming the numbers.

So, besides that, this thing really has a "5 minutes and done" feel to it. No real effort at all.

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the plane looks more like a dolphin than a plane...look at it closely

-the nose of the plane looks like the snout of a dolphin

-the upper wing looks like the dorsal fin

-the rear side wings (sorry...can't remember the technical term) look like a dolphin tail

add to that the fact that the lower wing is just a rectangle...interesting plane shape

and what exactly is that on the helmet?

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ok throwback don't let these other mega hater hypoctrits get ya down! you just need to use the tools at your disposal! see you should use the line tool to make a sidestipe or other types of stripes on the jersey or pants. also if you look at where the templates are there are different variations with stripes already on the jersies and pants.

Kepp goin


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ok throwback don't let these other mega hater hypoctrits get ya down!

They're trying to help him. We've told him all of this already in a different thread:

-The template is not a coloring book

-Originality is key

Also, I don't see any of this criticism as hypocritical. joshuamings and gonordiques (just to name a couple) can all do better than this concept and they can also take and apply critique to their work in order to improve it, therefore it isn't hypocritical, it's advice from people with more experience than Throwback. The problem here is that the advice given in a previous thread didn't sink in for whatever reason.

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