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Thanx for all the kind words (excluding Chaz & jrh :o ). These were fun. I remember doing the Georgia ones & trying to think of something creative, so I thought of the dog-bone stripes. My personal faves are Tennessee's, though.
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Hey, vicfurth - I'll look at all your SEC concepts later - all I had time for now was the SC concept, which is a vast improvement over what the Gamecocks wear now. I definitely would like to see the Gamecocks wear these unis on the field. You did a good job of using both garnet *and* black. I like the black helmet, and the use of that relatively new "claw" logo on the sleeves. Ever since I saw that logo, I've been wanting the 'cocks to put it on the helmet. I love the old gamecock logo, but it's too complicated to be a primary logo, and putting it inside the block C doesn't help any. Maybe they could do a gamecock version of the the Philadelphia Eagles' pissed-off eagle head logo. Or maybe a variation on the wing motif: just use the wing and the claw from the old logo so that the wing goes from the back to the front of the helmet, with the claw coming out from under the wing. Of course, then the helmet would have to be white, but I think that's a small price to pay.

Or they could do what vicfurth did, which would be yards and yards better than what they have now. On two things we should not trust Lou Holtz: one is uniform design. The other is whether it's a good idea to fake a punt.



(bitter? moi?)

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Florida: I?d stick with one shade of blue and lose the light blue- it just doesn?t seem to work. I like the gator head on the helmet, but I think it would be better on an orange helmet.

Georgia: Not really lovin anything about these.

Kentucky: I think a blue helmet would look better, and I?d put some blue on the home pants, but other than that I really like these.

South Carolina: Great work.

Tennessee: As a Vols fan, I hate these. Nothing against the concepts, but I want the Vols to stick to tradition.

Vandy: I like the way these look, but white #?s on gold jerseys and gold #?s on white jerseys usually don?t show up well on the field.

Bama: Crimson stripes on the shoulders for the white jerseys is the only change I would make to these.

Arkansas: Lose the silver, but otherwise great.

Auburn: Love the jerseys, but not the bengals helmet.

LSU: Again, love the jerseys but not the helmet. I?d try a different logo and use a different color facemask.

Ole Miss: Great.

Miss St.: Lose the silver, stick with the current helmet logo.

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Wow! You guys revived this thread. I'm sorry to say I've since gotten rid of this page and the concepts. I trashed them & started over when I redesigned my site. I have done a kentucky one again. I might redo this project.

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And being a Razorback I would have loved to have seen their concept,and I read the pervious post about it having silver in the uni.Also would have liked to have seen the USC concept 'cuz I'm a Gamecock fan too,with 1998 being my fave uni's

of theirs.I'd love to see it if you re-do 'em.

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