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Just when you thought it was too good to be true...


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AUSTIN, Texas - Kevin Durant may not be able to

pass out of this one.

After an two-month investigation, the Assosciated Press reported

Saturday night that the Longhorn swingman and

his family appear to have received more than $50,000 in illegal

benefits from marketing agents and Texas boosters.

The benefits could cost Durant his collegiate

eligibility - and the possible stripping of his Player of the Year Award -

and lead to NCAA sanctions against the Longhorns.

The NCAA and the Big-12 Conference are investigating the

allegations about the benefits.

According to the report, which is based on "documents and

on-the-record interviews with sources close to the situation,"

Texas boosters paid for expensive hotel rooms for Durant in Houston

and Washington, D.C. in March 2006, while he was being recruited.

One alumni reportedly gave Durant nearly $13,000 to buy a 1996 Chevrolet

Camaro SS that subsequently was outfitted with chrome rims and a

stereo later that spring.

According to the AP, another booster allegedly

paid for Durant's family to fly to the Texas-Michigan State game in

New York in November, and that the booster himself paid for suits

worn by Durant's stepfather and younger brother, as well as a limousine

to drive the family around New York City.


So, how long until we hear the same thing with Greg Oden?

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I will have to agree with "InTheEnd88", it would have been surprising if there was not any payments or courting of his skills. Remember, the Reggie Bush/Yahoo! Sports story was reported 6 months ago and where has that gone? It has yet to topple the USC program. Nonetheless, I believe that to be true too. Every school could face sanctions for "lack of institutional control" for behavior from alumni or program "supporters/boosters/scholarship fund volunteers".

I was also going to comment that he got ripped off on that Camaro SS (I thought that $13 K was high for a 11 year old Camaro). That was until I read that only 2,400 were produced.

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I'm calling April Fools on this. Zero reports of this anywhere, even Yahoo! Sports!, the! Source! for! College! Impropriety! Allegations!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

For the record, I just took the Reggie Bush story and switched some of the details around. I was originally going to use Oden, but I figured since he was still in the tourney that would cause more of a fake stir.

Although it's still probably true, even though I made it up.

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That's pretty good. Not as good as Nitroseed's "I'm actually a girl" or I believe it was puckguy who "leaked" new Sharks uniforms. Those were really good, but so was this.

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