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Ap sports desk phone list


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I just got an email forwarded to me, that says:

"The AP Sports desk accidentally emailed out their sports rolodex to other newsies.

If you've been wanting to raise hell with Peter Ueberroth, talk to Hammering Hank, or see how much Pete Rose was actually wagering - give em a call. Before they change their numbers.

Someone at the AP is in deep doo-doo."

Then, follows, a huge list of phone numbers. I can post if you want.

Any idea if this is a fake? Seems like it. But you never know.

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I called a number from one of those 'lists' once, and it was indeed the man it said he was (the voice is very recognisable).   I quickly asked if someone else was there, and he told me I had the wrong number.
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I wouldn't want anyones number. I respect most peoples privacy. But if anyone could hook me up with Bettman's number, i wouldn't mind giving that fu*k a few calls at 4:30am....
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