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Rich Eisen welcome to the dog house

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from the onion.com

Rich Eisen's Wife Suzy Shuster Finds Alycia Lane Pics, Emails

By Tashi Singh

May 1, 2007

Suzy Shuster, the wife of NFL Network anchorman Rich Eisen, is not a happy camper after finding sexy Philadelphia TV reporter Alycia Lane's failed attempts to 'get to know' her husband.

It would appear that Eisen was receiving risque photos and emails from Alycia Lane on an e-mail address that he and his wife Suzy Shuster use occasionally. Suzy, a sideline reporter for ABC's NCAA broadcasts, was left steaming when she found seven emails and quite a few bikini shots from Lane, so what did she do? Page Six has Suzy's reaction - and any wife can appreciate this!

In an email, Suzy delicately responded...who are we kidding? Here's Suzy's scathing attack!

"Boy, do you look amazing in a bikini...congrats! Whatever you're doing, (Pilates? yoga?) keep doing it - it's working for you. Anyway, sorry but those seven e-mails you sent to my husband, Rich, well, oops, they came to the e-mail address we both use from time to time, but no worries, I'll forward the beach shots as well as the ones of you dancing with your friends on to his main address. Do you have it?"

Suzy then provides Lane with her husband's private e-mail address, "since you surely are trying so hard to get his attention. I mean, what better way to get a guy's attention than with skin! Best - Suzy Shuster Eisen"

Her sarcasm is priceless - she should frame this!

As for Lane, a source tells Page Six: "Alycia is divorced and apparently looking for love again in all the wrong places. She sent [Eisen] an e-mail saying she was going to L.A., and she attached some risqué pictures just to whet his appetite. But, whoops, Rich is married to Suzy."

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As with all too many threads in CCSLCland...

This. Thread. Is. Useless. Without. Pictures.

Alycia Lane? Yummy. But for my attention for local news in Philadelphia, it takes more than Alycia Lane - especially when Channel 6 has Erin O' Hearn...

PS - Erin came to the ICU where I work back in March. A little shorter than I expected, but even better looking in person. Nice as well. [Author's note: I self-edited out 2 [intensive care] unit references so far before posting this...]

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Are you idiots really taking a story from TheOnion and taking it for a fact?

It is, in fact, fact.

CBS3 leads the league in smashable women. Alycia, Maria LaRosa, and Kathy Orr (who isn't as good looking as some of the others, but is not chopped liver by any stretch).

6ABC is second with Cecily Tinan, Erin O'Hearn, and Sarah Bloomquist (the best of the bunch).

NBC10? Um... Cherri Bank?

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Are you idiots really taking a story from TheOnion and taking it for a fact?

Like BB61 said, this one's legit, chief. It's been news in the legitimate papers here all week.

And I can't agree with you on your order of hotness, Bri.

6 (Cecily, Erin, Tamela Edwards) > 29 (Kerri-Lee Halkett, Dorothy Krysciuk) = 3 (Alycia Lane, Maria LaRosa, and what about Medford's own Cydney Long?) >>>>>>> 10 (Cheri Bank was ghastly 15 years ago, then she blew up; it's also a lame newscast, but I was raised on Jim Gardner, and dammit I'm loyal!! (Cecily and Erin don't hurt, either.))

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We've been watching 3 for the last... two years now. We had been watching ten for the longest time, but Renee Chenault-Fattah (or as my dad calls her, "Ba-deep Ba-Dop Ba-Doop") has become rather annoying, and Hurricane Schwartz? Well... here's an LJ icon that sums up what I think of him...


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