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Top 10 Jerseys That Are Worse Then The RBK Edge


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I think I probably offended at least one person with each one of those choices - and have gotten some e-mails regarding them. But, I think what I was trying to say was if any of the teams were to bring out any of those jerseys this year people would have been horrified. We have seen some very strange jerseys in the past and some of them just plain didn't work in my opinion...hence the list.

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Simply awesome. Was wearing mine on Friday.

On 1/25/2013 at 1:53 PM, 'Atom said:

For all the bird de lis haters I think the bird de lis isnt supposed to be a pelican and a fleur de lis I think its just a fleur de lis with a pelicans head. Thats what it looks like to me. Also the flair around the tip of the beak is just flair that fleur de lis have sometimes source I am from NOLA.

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i also loved that tampa jersey, that wasnt a bad one at all. thats the only one i'd argue with really, myself i liked the Ducks one but thats for my own sick twisted sense of style lol, i wouldnt expect anyone else to wear it (without being contractually obligated to).

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As a Dallas native and Stars fan, the Muterus is nothing I am proud of, that being said, how did it not make the list?




The irony in this statement is overwelming.

That is why i said :P



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Yeah, what's with that crappy shoulder striping. Did all the teams want to look like crap together? Those stripes are just horrible, as are thos eIslander jersey's from the mid-90's.


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Interesting Hockey fact: In 1974, the Buffalo Sabres draft Taro Tsujimoto of the Toyko Katanas with th 183 pick in the draft. It was later revealed that Taro didn't exist, but Taro is still listed as an offical draftee of the Buffalo Sabres in their Media Guide.

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I actully like the Flames jersey...it's in my closet now, yo.

And the Mooterus, aside from the logo, isn't all that terrible, but the logo..aghhh...eyewash and a cot, please.

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10. seals

i actually like this jersey, not sure why more teams haven't tried ucla stripes. my only gripe is the seals word mark. works for a baseball jersey not a hockey jersey..looking at you anaheim.

9. bruins

i like the striping patterns but the logo looks way too cute and cuddly. i saw some cross overs using this template on a site and it looked pretty cool.

8. Flames

i hated these things from the minute i saw them. i still think there best look was the 89 cup winning set. What they did have prior to this season wasn't bad but the burnt to a crisp flaming c has to go. There again prior to the cup run, they were burn to a crisp on a yearly basis anyway. i still think going back to that look with a darker red/yellow-gold and black trim would give them top five look in the league.

7. Canucks

i didn't mind these on a alt basis. the flying skate unis are a favorite of mine. so i'm a bit biased towards that look to begin with. interestingly enough, the more i look at their set the more i have to double look and make sure i'm not looking at the hartford whalers. i was flipping through the paper and caught a picture of the canucks and i swear i had to take a second look at it, because my initial reaction was, when did the hartford whalers come back?

6. Canucks again

why am I not shocked that this made a worst list again. yet half the stuff released this year actually rivals the flying V. and some are far worse than the V

5. Coyotes

I dont' know why this one gets alot of hate. i actually dig this thing. in fact when the yotes still had the picasso coyote set, i hated the regulars so much that i looked forward to seeing this on the ice.

4. Kings

I still think that logo had potential. i just think that whole alt is just plain wierd. i don't think it is so much awful as it is just wierd to look at.

3. Bolts

I actually bought this one. i don't know but i like it. alot.

2. Isles

The thing that bothered me about these was that they slapped the old logo on the fisherman stripes. it looked so half and half. you know my feelings toward fisherman. However they did give us the old style back modernized, so i wasn't too upset. That was until this season when they came in and :censored:ed up our set again. In fact i want another appology for what they did to them. In fact i turned off the islanders and turned on the cowboys and been following them this season. interesting you should use warren luhning in your jersey feature, my associate in texas is a big Warren Luhning fan. he's been bugging me for some Isles memorabilia so he can get them signed.

1. Ducks

these things just trip me the :censored: out. and thats all that has to be said about that.



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the canucks flying skate gradient alt is just fine. its really creative and interesting. its my favorite of jerseys from that era.

Lightning jersey is really cool too. fun idea.

Coyotes couldve been, but it wasnt really done right..


the honorable mention canucks alternate from the early 2000's?

i own one of those.

that is a thing of beauty.

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