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Da Bungles


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I hate the Bungles. Go Browns. But this one came to me a while ago and I finally got bored enough to do it. I dont know if I love em or hate em, either way I think its kinda cool. Kinda reminds me of those pants weight lifters used to wear in the early 90's...kinda Slater like if you know what I mean. Anyway blast away...


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"Zubazz" is the pants brand you're looking for.

I'm not sure I dig how it actually looks, but I do really like the idea. I mean, actual bengals are orange with black stripes, so this would work. If it were going to be a "real" concept, I'd say you'd definitely have to add an outline to the numbers, and add shoulder numbers.

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Zubazz, the official pants of...


...RATT, Poison and David Lee Roth

...The Arena Football League in the early 1990's (Zubazz uniforms did exist.)

...Joey Buttafuoco

...1.7 million "Guidos" in North Jersey, Staten Island and Long Island (see also: gold chains, mesh t-shirts, and orange tans, all available for viewing at Gold's Gym, bars in East Hampton or Rockaway Beach, and that pizza place in the strip mall)

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