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2008/09 NHL Preview


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I'm glad the only thing anybody knows about the Blues is that would be 2nd year defenseman Erik Johnson was our only hope to be anything and with his knee went our season.


Not your fault, Tank. If TSN, ESPN, etc. can't get it right, I don't expect you to.

But the Blues are a better team than they weren't last season. They have less experience but those rookies are better players than those they replaced.

I'm not sitting here guaranteeing a playoff spot, but the team can certainly contend for one.

The loss of Johnson hurts more because it sets his career back a year. But at this point in that career he's still a replaceable player.

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Finally you are saying the Stars will go far!

But the Devils? I'm not so sure, the East is wide open I can see a Dallas vs. Detroit Confrence Final and a Montreal vs. Philly in the East Final.



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Oh what a surprise, you picked the Devils to win the cup. I'm surprised you didn't pick them to play the Mets or something.


On 11/19/2012 at 7:23 PM, oldschoolvikings said:
She’s still half convinced “Chris Creamer” is a porn site.)
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The wild will not win the Northwest, Calgary and Edmonton will both do better then where you put them and i'd add Mike Keenan to that list of coaches fired if the

Flames finish that low

Anyways good article




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The Devils? Really? Come on. I know you're a Devils fan but yeesh...

That's like me saying Rangers over Red Wings just because I'm a Ranger fan...

And for the record, I have it as Detroit (yet again) beating Montreal...

The Devils have a better shot than the Rangers do. The Rangers will struggle to make the playoffs. Ypu can't tell me that replacing Jagr and others with an over the hill Naslund, and defensively inept Redden, and a "I don't want to backcheck" Zherdev has improved the team and not take five steps back. You can talk all you want about their performance against Tampa but they struggled to score against what looks to be one of the worst defensive teams in the league. If the Rangers can't score after getting 40 something shots against Tampa what are the going to do when they actually play a team that can play defense (like the ones in their division). The Rangers are a small and soft team this year. If they make th eplayoffs they are out in round one.

I think the Devils will contend for the Division again. They improved upfront and now have a strong 4 line team. Something they haven't had for a while. Brodeur showed up to camp this year in better shape than he has ever before. I say he will win the Vezina again this year. What happens then in the playoffs, who knows?

Also Tank is not a Devils fan. Anybody you admits they rooted for the Rangers back in 94 can not call themselves a Devils an 14 years later.

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I don't care if Tnak pick the Devils to win the Cup.

My beef is that he's ranked the Devils only 6th-best in the East, and then will go on a semi-miracle run to the Cup. Maybe I'm just crazy, but wouldn't the team that you think is best in the conference finish 1st in the conference standings in your predictions?

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