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Boston Bruins Alternate Jersey Concept


What do you think of this concept as an alternate jersey?  

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I like it! I am glad there is black and gold trim, otherwise it would look like diaherria - splat :blink:

Good Concept! :hockeysmiley:

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The Bruins original logo and colors were brown and gold, so this isn't completely out of whack.

That being said, the original bruins logo (the bear with BOSTON over it) would be a great choice to replace the current shoulder patches with the lame bear head. This would not be unlike what Toronto did a few years ago with the original maple leaf logo. Unfortunately, some nitwit decided to replace it with the interlocking TML on the shoulders.

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It looks like bear poop with little yellow bits of corn!

Geebus meist, that will go down in history as one of the most miscoloured concepts in my books.

Now we know why no team wears a predominantly brown jersey...

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I really like it, but I agree that the number placement is just wrong. Higher up on the shoulder or upper forearm would work a lot better.

I also like the idea of using the OLD Bruins logo on the shoulders. It would go well with this concept.



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nothing new to say. i really like it, solid concept. i think the bruins should find some way to incorperate brown into their sceme. the old logo on the shoulders is pure gold :hockeysmiley: i wouldnt use it on their current unis though. however they should scrap those altogether. i give it an A-, just because the bruins are EVIL :evil:


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don't really prefer this over the third, all i know is the Bs should put the spoked B on the golds and there'd be no problem with them.

i lost the versions i'd made a while back, but i used brown mainly as trim and they turned out okay.

but if there was a team to use brown, the bruins would be it.


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