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Cherepanov passes away


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RIP Alexei.

Troubling to hear about the ambulance leaving early and the difibulators possible not working. I've read some horror stories about the health care over there from some players who went over to play. It makes you appreciate how good it actually is over here. Hopefully this can be a catysist to make sure everything is in proper working order over there.

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When I read that he died I assumed it must have been an auto accident, but for a 19 year old, and a professional athlete in top physical condition to die of a heart attack? It's just not even comprehensible.

It's just like going through Sergei Zholtok dying all over again.

I'm just stunned and really saddened, as I was greatly anticipating his arrival in the NHL and really looking forward to seeing the impact he was going to have.

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