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Maple Leaf Concept


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VERY nice, JKR! I love it...

Excellent... put Francis on the back, and I'll buy one right now!!

only question i have is with the third stripe.. it just stops when it gets to the mesh?

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It is blue, I didn't change the colors I just used the same color as the logo I got off of logoserver. I like the darker better.

These are actually based of my high school's uniforms, I always thought it would make a good Maple Leafs jersey so I did this concept. Of course I added the mesh. The stripes and the mesh work as the currents that is why it stops.

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I like the stripes and the Old Leaf, but I guess I'd change up the name font, especially if that's the real one, and maybe even the numbers to something more vintage as long as you are making up a new concept.

I really like the dark one with the old leaf. :notworthy:



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