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Upper Playground (Fictional) Baseball League


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Spring Training starts tomorrow and if you?re not a true baseball fan, you can get in on the action with Upper Playground?s baseball league comprised of vicious characters including Outlaws, Stranglers and Brawlers to name a few. Playing on different pop culture legends and characteristics of twelve cities, the UPLB collection is a tongue-in-cheek version of how UP thinks baseball teams should be branded. The cities and teams represented are: Los Angeles Diablos, Seattle Hoods, Brooklyn Brawlers, Oakland Outlaws, San Francisco Panhandlers, Chicago Racketeers, New York Pickpockets, Cleveland Slingshots, Portland Vipers, Philadelphia Players, and Boston Stranglers. Morning Breath created all of the designs; the hats are made of wool and feature front and back embroidery. The black sheep of all the teams, the Miami Kilos, do not have a 59FIFTY hat because to some companies, cocaine is just not cool. All of the teams have a corresponding tee for men and women and the UPLB collection of hats and tees are available at Upper Playground stores and on the Upper Playground Web Store.

More info, and bigger pictures of each team's hat here.

I love the Chicago and Brooklyn logos.

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If I had any logo art skills, it would inspire me to do a concept uni series:

Here's how I'd arrange it:


Boston Stranglers

Chicago Racketeers

Cleveland Slingshots

New York Pickpockets

Oakland Outlaws

Seattle Hoods


Brooklyn Brawlers

Los Angeles Diablos

Miami Kilos

Philadelphia Players

Portland Vipers

San Francisco Panhandlers

In addition, I'd add a few extras, such as the:

Atlanta Go-Gos (strip club reference)

Baltimore Barbs (reference to "The Wire")

Detroit Jackers (Motor City reference, this time to carjacking-cap logo TBD)

Houston Lean (reference to purple syrup especially prominent over there-cap would be purple, logo would be a white styrofoam cup)

Milwaukee Cannibals (Jeffrey Dahmer reference-cap logo could be a table fork on a human finger-gruesome but accurate)

New Orleans Whoadies (typical term for denizens of that area)

Phoenix Tentmen (reference to infamous Tent City Jail-camp could be pink like the inmates' uniforms and logo could either be a chaingang link or a slice of green bologna like the inmates eat)

Tampa Bay Goons (cap logo could be a ski-masked head) (Might also work for Orlando)

Toronto Brewskis (typical Canadian beer stereotype)

Washington Fat Cats (bureaucrats in DC-cap logo could be a cat eating tax dollars)

Further suggestions appreciated!

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Wow, they really like Letterhead Fonts don't they? :P

As someone who has been working on creating identities for a make believe baseball league, I love it! My faves are the Seattle, Chicago, and LA logos. The entire Miami identity just looks silly.

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