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Braves wearing green St. Patty's Day hats.


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A lot going on here:

Blue bill

Green cap

Black/white NY

Orange/white shamrock logo

Orange underbill



I think these are the ugliest caps ever. beating out the "ice cream man" caps from the mid-90's.

Where can I get one? :D

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Hold the phone, are those Mets hats also adjustable? And, I'm not the only one seeing two shades of orange in the clover, right?

Adjustable: Yes. Good catch.

Two oranges in the clover: Nope. Trick of the lighting. The top of the shamrock is on a bit of fabric that seems to be angled slightly down relative to the fabric around the sweatband. A product, presumably, of the fact that it's an adjustable cap, which makes the sides of the cap loose.

Is this the worst ballcap ever worn by a major-league player? Quite possibly. Also, as an Irish-American of both Catholic and Protestant descent, I find the orange shamrock oddly offensive.* They'd have been better off just putting a Union Jack on that baby.

*I'm not actually offended. It's just that there's a reason you don't see a lot of orange shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day.

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Ack! My retinas! Leave it to the Mets to put in the extra mile to make the ugliest thing ever.

And is the INSIDE orange too???

Shouldn't the inside of a baseball cap bill be of a non-reflective darker colour???

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