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Hoopskid NBA concepts


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Alright, not much to say here. I guess I'll break it down by what I tried to achieve...

1. Bring back purple, but not too much.

2. Modern design that reflects the mountain region.

3. Exciting wordmarks brought back, including a new (poorly executed) road wordmark.

Anyway, have at it. I'm working on a green, purple and gold version which looks pretty cool, but we'll see.

CC thanks!


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lovin the wordmarks and nice color combination and distribution....but they need a different number font for sure.

also, i dont think i like how close the side panel design is to Minny's.

for the away wordmark, (dont know if this helps) here is a half-attempt i had at the idea...


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I like it!

I'd like to see a different number font... other than that it's 10x better than what they have now!



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Thanks guys, I'll post an update soon.

I'll also post other color combos to see what you think.

Conrad, I tried that but that wordmark isn't like the Jazz one. I wanted them to be the same style, just one to say UTAH the other Jazz. Their Jazz wordmark is a mix of both of their fonts and slants, so I tried to mimic that. If you look at the A it has sans serif legs, where as in their wordmark it has serifs.

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As a Jazz fan, I like that you brought back the italic wordmarks. Everything looks great here and the purple accents the Navy and Powder blues VERY well. I agree with the others though when I say to try out a different number font. Something that accents the wordmarks, I cant name a certain font of the top of my head but you know what I mean, something that has close to the same qualities. Other than that, this is a great job. I would love to see them wear something like this!


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