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NFL Expansion League

Brave-Bird 08

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Alright, I am back with my next concept series after doing the CFB redesign. Next up is a series that will require me to be on top of my design skills, because I will be creating my own team identities. My basis for the project is the NFL Expansion League, which will be 16 selected locations chosen for an NFL minor league type system. After doing some browsing, these are the cities I will do. Identities will be revealed with the designs themselves.

- Boise, ID

- Las Vegas, NV

- Los Angeles, CA **Los Angeles Defenders**

- Portland, OR

- San Antonio, TX

- Oklahoma City, OK

- Albuquerque, NM **Albuquerque Invaders**

- Salt Lake City, UT

- Memphis, TN

- Orlando, FL

- Richmond, VA

- Greensboro, NC

- Kalamazoo, MI

- Milwaukee, WI

- Columbus, OH

- Albany, NY

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Albuquerque Invaders

- For Albuquerque I went with a fairly local theme. The Roswell legend associated with Aliens exists a little farther southeast of Albuquerque, but I figured I would still go with that identity. Of course, Invaders implies Aliens. I knew green would be a color, b/c we associate that with aliens primarily. I then used a darker shade of green and a green-blue as the other colors.

The logo is just an alien head, and the reflection on the head is intended to show the lights of a spaceship hovering overhead. The mouth area is supposed to resemble a football. The wordmark is intentionally very boxy, with streaks coming out to mimic lighting from a spaceship.

The uniforms feature interchangable jerseys, pants, and socks. The number font is custom as well.

**Update 8/31** - I changed all silver on the uniform to white and added an alternate logo

Hope you enjoy!







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great ideas for this series Brave-Bird, but I think you should definetly add a San Antonio team

Swap Austin for San Antonio? I favor that idea now that I think of it. Now how about a comment on my first concept! :)

I love the invaders identity. it goes very well with the history of Albuquerque. the wordmark is also fantastic

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I like this a lot but I think the color scheme is to close to the seahawks but that is a nit pick. I would like to see a secondary logo that has some kind of UFO or something.

Yeah, I've changed my strategy a bit before moving on. I'm going to go back and do a secondary as well as try to get the uniform combinations on to an action template.

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The good- the primary is very nice, and the wordmark is unique. I also like the identity. Because, as previously stated, the colors are close to the Seattle Seahawks, you could switch navy for black. Black goes better with the identity in my opinion, and the scheme would be unique. Also, because your logo is a representation of the "little green man" alien, how about a green uniform? Unlike the Seahawks it would actually make sense based on the identity. I like the number font.

the not so good- the wordmark could be better rendered. It doesn't have equal line thickness around. For example, the N and V have very thick lines but the E and R have some very thinn ones. You also need to fix the spacing in the wordmark. Look at the space between V and A, and E and R, and so on. It needs to be uniform throughout the wordmark. I'm not too keen on using two-tone green on the logo with only one shade of green everywhere else, but that happens quite a bit in the NFL so it's up to you. Personally I would suggest swapping all grey/silver in the uniforms for white. And the last thing that's really a nitpick is the shoulder stripes. The stripes on the right front of the jersey (left to the viewer) are perfect, but everywhere else the shoulder "swooshes" are spaced farther apart. Once again, uniformity would be better but it may just be my OCD.

Overall this is a very good start and you have some excellent ideas. If you can just fix the little issues this would be excellent.

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Love the Albuquerque concept. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

But I wanted to pitch the idea of replacing Toronto with a team in West Michigan... Kalamazoo to be specific. The team could play in WMU's 30,000-seat stadium and Kalamazoo is part of a market that includes Grand Rapids, Battle Creek and a few other decent-sized towns. It's actually the 5th biggest market with no major pro sports (and even that's only if you consider places like Hartford and West Palm Beach to be their own markets). Toronto already has a much more established "minor league" football team.

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I think this is a team identity where a wacky helmet design could work. That being said, it'd look pretty sweet with the alien eyes on the top of the helmet, so that when the linemen are at the scrimmage line, it looks like a bunch of aliens staring down the other team.

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Love the logo and color selections for the Invaders, I think it would be awesome to have the silhouette of the stitching of a football along his forehead, the idea just popped into my head while looking at the mouth portion....

that was the idea basically with the mouth portion. it is supposed to resemble a football pointing down

Anyways, here is the Invaders in action.






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